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T. Davis Coaching is an interesting company with very little information online. From one consumer complaint, we found the name Termaine Davis associated with the company. That led us to the LinkedIn page for Termaine Davis. Listed in the search engine description is T. David Coaching as the primary employment for T. Davis, but when the link is clicked the reader is taken to the LinkedIn page for Donald Davis. Donald Davis is the owner of Pillow Talk Magazine. The website for that company is incomplete with no contact information just a few articles about sex and dating. The consumer report for T. Davis Coaching says the owner is a scam artist that takes money from people by being a “player” and convincing women the value of his services.

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With a little more research we were able to find a coaching website linked to T. Davis or Termaine Davis. The website and company are no longer called T. Davis Coaching. The name is now Coach TD. The contact information links to a Gmail address, but the website is not complete so we could find out little more information on the owner.

According to the description of services, T. Davis offers coaching training for all forms of retail services and Internet sales. It seems the coaching aspect is in regards to sales coaching and not weight loss or fitness coaching. In terms of sports, there is a Tremaine Davis that was touted as a huge basketball prospect in 2008, but that Davis is not linked to the T. Davis from T. Davis Coaching as far as we can tell.

Life coaching is a huge choice for some dieters. When it comes to fulfilling life’s expectations and reaching goals, some people do not have the skills to do that without outside help. In this sense, T. Davis Coaching may be able to fulfill that need. There is no reference to life skills coaching, but there is contact information on the CoachTD website. Going back to the consumer complaint, the client of T. Davis Coaching stated more than one thousand dollars was taken from him via a scam by T. Davis Coaching. There is no information to back up this claim and it was the only one we could find. There is reference to a felony record for the owner of T. Davis Coaching. We searched the Wisconsin archives and found no information on Termaine Davis.

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  • Could be a scam website or service.


T. Davis Coaching is not a service provided for weight loss efforts. The company offers coaching for sales personnel and teams of sales people to make more money.

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