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What You Should Know

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T Force is another in a long line of testosterone boosters. There is only one ingredient in the formula and that ingredient is not proven to boost testosterone. It is, however, associated with increased libido. Most testosterone builders on the market today are linked to libido and sex drive. There is a good reason why these ingredients are used. Pro-hormones are not legal for use in sports competitions. Athletes know that sports are just as much mental as they are physical, and sex drive is directly associated with testosterone levels. If the man feels an increase in sex drive, he may think testosterone levels are on the rise and lift harder and stronger. Its all about the feeling, not an actual increase in testosterone.

List of Ingredients

Fadogia Agrestis PE (extracted to contain a full spectrum of alkaloids, saponins, anthraquinones and flavonoids.)

Product Features

Libido is controlled by testosterone, but not all libido boosters increase testosterone. The general consensus among testosterone builders like T Force is a boost in libido. If the user feels they are experiencing a testosterone boost because they feel more “manly” they will then workout harder and gain strength. While these supplements do not have a direct effect on testosterone, the mental effect may be strong enough affect how the bodybuilder gains muscle.

When we looked for clinical testing on fadogia agrestis we found nothing. According to WebMD, no clinical testing has been completed so we are unsure if the supplement is even safe for dieters to use. There are other alternatives to this supplement that have been tested for safety. These supplements contain ingredients that have been used for years and thus, even though clinical testing is not conclusive, dieters can at least feel safe taking the supplements.

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  • T Force lists all ingredients online.
  • The supplement may increase libido leading the user to believe testosterone is increasing.
  • There are no known side effects associated with the main ingredient.


  • Should not be taken by women who are pregnant.
  • May not be safe for human consumption.
  • Clinical testing has not been completed on fadogia agrestis, the only ingredient in T Force.
  • The supplement is far too expensive to lack clinical support.


T Force is a libido booster, but it is not the first libido booster we would suggest to a bodybuilder. There may be no clinical proven libido boosters, but there are plenty that have been tested clinically for safety. Fadogia agrestis does not have enough testing to support safe use, let alone proven benefits.

Even if this supplement boosted testosterone, it would not increase weight loss or decrease appetite. This supplement should not be taken by women.

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