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Tad is a professional diet coach who has several million clients from every corner of the world. Tad has been associated with the body building and weight lifting industry for more than 22 years. He has clients of different levels and occupations. Many of the competitors and weight lifting champions you see on televisions and on red carpet events are Tad’s students. Moreover, Tad is a professional body building champion and has played on national levels as well. Tad is a professional expert on biochemistry and nutrition and also gives private tuition courses on such subjects. Fat loss and other similar subjects are also usually taught by Tad to hundreds of thousands of different people.

Tad the diet coach offers diet programs under four sections. They are as following: Figure coaching programs, bodybuilding coaching programs, bikini coaching programs and weight loss coaching programs. Figure coaching programs focuses on the dimensions and figure of the overall body of a person. He teaches ways, techniques and methods involved in getting a better figure. Bodybuilding coaching programs are designed for those young people who want to have a heavy but smart physique. Similarly, weight loss coaching programs by Tad include various tips and techniques to reduce excessive fat by burning fat and by having various physical exercises.

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Tad and his team offers wide variety of personalized programs and products for your nutrition, supplementation and diet. Implementing these tips and techniques in your life can truly make you a strong, handsome and good looking person.

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  • Tad offers personalized programs for your health and nutrition so that you and your case will be handled separately, focused and deliberately.


  • Tad’s figure coaching programs gives you a truly attractive and gorgeous figure. The program includes a complete set of physical exercises and plans that you need to adopt.


  • Body building coaching programs are especially designed for those who are interested in getting a wide and strong chest. Tad teaches most of his students individually so that proper and correct concentration can be developed.


  • Weight loss programs of Tad are quiet comprehensive and effective. Tad’s weight loss programs provide you with a completely nutritional plan which you need to implement in your life. Furthermore, there is a huge set of physical and aerobic exercises which will be taught by Tad to you.



  • There are no mentionable disadvantages of using Tad the diet coach’s programs and personalized diet plans


If you truly want to get a bright, perfect and smart appearance without affecting your daily routine, you could adopt “Tad the diet coach” plans at a more costly price or incorporate some of his methods into your everyday exercises for free.

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