Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea Review

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What You Should Know

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Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea is manufacturer by the Tadin company. There is no ingredient list on the official website, but ingredients are listed on retailer websites selling the product. Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea includes common ingredients used in herbal cleansing teas and colon cleansers. There are no weight loss ingredients or fat burners in the formula.

Tadin sells Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea for $1.62 per box of 12 tea bags. Orders area taken from the official website. We did not find any mention of free trials or testimonials. Other supplements and teas are also available from Tadin.

List of Ingredients

Andropogon Citratus, Uva Ursi, Equisetum Arvensis and Cassia Anjustifolia.

Product Features

Andropogon Citratus is lemon grass. Lemon grass is used as a natural flavoring for the tea. Many tea companies like Tazo and Stash sell teas with lemon grass. There are no diet benefits or cleansing properties of lemon grass, just a clean, fresh, lemon taste.

Uva Ursi is a diuretic. Diuretics push fluid from the body. Diuretics cannot differentiate between water retention and healthy water stores. When supplements with diuretics are taken, they work for a certain amount of time and then stop, until the next supplement is taken. Dehydration and reduced potassium levels can result from taking diuretics. Some companies will include potassium in the supplement to restore healthy levels, but Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea does not bother adding potassium.

Equisetum Arvensis is the scientific name for horsetail extract. Horsetail extract is another diuretic. Uva ursi is strong, so adding another diuretic increases the chance of dehydration. What most dieters do not think about is the fact that natural laxatives need water to increase bowel movements. If the diuretic pushes fluid from the body, the laxative may not work as well or may cause constipation.

Cassia Anjustifolia is a big word for senna. Senna leaves have a laxative effect, but it is not a bulk-forming laxative. Bulk-forming laxatives are generally considered safe for regular use. Psyllium husks and fiber are bulk-forming laxatives. Senna is a stimulant laxative. It stimulates bowel muscles to increase bowel movements. This could cause dependence if the muscles “forget” how to work on their own.

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  • None.


  • Laxatives are not proper for weight loss.
  • No ingredients are listed on the Tadin website.


Diuretics and laxatives are not safe alternatives for weight loss. Dieters need to reduce caloric intake and exercise to lose weight. Exercise and water intake keep bowels moving easily and often. The ingredients in Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea may not be safe for all dieters. The potential side effects far outweigh the benefits of taking this supplement. Green tea, caffeine and chromium are safe, effective weight loss supplements.

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7 User Reviews about Tadin Zendo Dieter’s Tea

  • 1
    Marisol Velez

    I been drinking this tea for awhile now and honestly it has help me alot, i mean alot i was at 200lbs last year now im at 139 I’m so happy for the results and i combined it with intensive workout 4 or at times 5x’s a week


  • 2
    Diana Sanchez

    Is this zendo dieter tea is good to lose weight even tho that person is a diabetic


  • 3

    I’m a buzy person and I don’t have 3 min to spare in doing the tea, what I do is spread it in my food, and it give me the same effects, is that wrong? Please comment, I will appreciate that. :)


  • 4

    3x a day as as of today I am down to 153 ;) and toning.


  • 5

    This tea has been the only thing that helped me loose all my baby weight I gained with my first and second child. Im 5’8 and my starting weight was 215lbs. I started the tea in November 2012 and continuously drank it along with portion control and dance workout videos and as of today March 2013 I am down to 158. Its worked great for me. No nasty sideeffects cramps or anything. I’ve almostreached my goal of 140 and looking forward to. Having my body back after these kids lolGood luck to u that wanna try it justdo it the right way!



    How many times do u drink it a day?


  • 6
    mayra lopez

    I take this tea since along time, its always before my period,but last week I had a drug test for a job and came positive, I don’t do drugs,never did,can the tea affect?