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Tae Bo Products by Billy Blanks can be purchased in just about any department store and various places online. The phenomena started in the late eighties when the martial artist put out the first Tae Bo workout. The name Tae Bo comes from Tae Kwon Do and Boxing both of which Billy taught at his martial arts studio. Billy holds a seventh degree black belt in TKD as well as black belts in five other martial arts forms. He was the captain of the U.S. Karate team and won 36 gold medals in international competitions. In 1982 Billy was Champions.

The Tae Bo product line has expanded greatly over the years. In the beginning there was Tae Bo; today there are a few more such as: Tae Bo Celebrity Fit, Tae Bo T3- Total Transformation Training, and the Extreme Total Body Collection. Tea Bo combines Tae Kwon Do and boxing to give a total fitness workout that builds stamina, muscles and confidence as well as burn fat.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable; however, one does need a DVD Player and the Tae Bo work-out videos.

Product Features

Tae Bo Products by Billy Blanks are exercise videos and programs that individuals can use to get into shape, lose weight and improve their overall fitness levels. There are a variety of fitness programs that range in fitness level from beginners to advance sculpting routines. The exercises themselves combine martial arts moves with boxing routines and a little bit of dance. This combination makes the moves fun as well as challenging.

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  • Products and videos can be purchased just about anywhere.
  • There are different products for different skill and fitness levels.
  • Each program is also adaptable for lower and higher fitness levels by the different techniques.


  • The Tae Bo Products are not specifically for weight loss. They are marketed as fitness programs for overall muscle toning and cardiovascular fitness.
  • These products are basically aerobics videos with a martial arts twist.


Tae Bo products by Billy Blanks are fitness programs that are based on a combination of Taw Kwon Do and boxing moves with some dance moves thrown in for fun. Originally introduced in the eighties, the Tae Bo product line has grown to include several different fitness videos as well as some added workout gear for the more advanced programs. The programs and videos are marketed as full fitness workouts and not weight loss programs. Individuals can lose weight while following a Tae Bo programs provided that they also follow a sensible eating plan as well. Tae Bo products by Billy Blanks can be purchased in nearly every retail department store as well as on many online sites as well.

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