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Tae Bo T3 is a new workout program by Billy Blanks. He is known as a fitness expert because of his other Tae Bo workout programs. We will take a closer look at the program to see what it provides users. T3 stands for “Total Transformation Training.” The aim of this program is to take control of your total body and transform it into what you want it to be. It claims to be the most challenging workout to date.

List Of Ingredients

Not applicable. This program consists of several DVD workouts.

Product Features

Tae Bo T3 includes: The Power Within: Ignition, The Power Within: Acceleration, The Power Within: Transformation, Blanks-Sensei: Learn the Moves, Target Tae Bo, Tae Bo Weight Loss Success Guide, 30 Day VIP access to Billy’s Web Club, On-the-Go Guide for Healthy Eating, and The Power Within Bracelet. The program also includes specially designed, ergonomic 1 lb hand weights. The entire program kit is $59.99. If people cannot pay this at once, it can be purchased for 3 payments of $19.99.

Ignition shows you techniques to train your body and mind to take your will power to the next level. Acceleration will teach eight basic techniques to help you reach your fitness goals. Transformation will help you “unlock your inner power” to get your body and mind ready for the transformation. Blanks-Sensei: Learn the Moves teaches you all the moves you need to use to workout, step-by-step. The Target Tae Bo gives six different ten minute power workouts for those who are short on time. The guide helps you track progress; the web club gives you access to extra features, and the hand weights add intensity.

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  • This program facilitates physical activity and healthy diet.
  • DVDs in this program can be purchased separately.


  • This physical activity is something not all people can do.
  • This program doesn’t allow for supplement use.
  • Many people may not be able to handle the lifestyle change long enough to see results.
  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee.


For those who are physically able to follow the program and are looking for good exercise, this is a good investment. For those who are limited in what kinds of activities they can do, or are looking for a fat burning or appetite suppressant, this program is not a good choice. We recommend following a balanced diet and exercise program, but adding the supplement for extra support.

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