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The Tahara Detox Diet is a program that utilizes fermented fruit and vegetable juices that are said to either neutralize or eliminate toxins from the body. The diet itself is administered and the Tahara Detox Diet Weight Loss Center which has its one and only location in Pleasanton, California. The company’s website does sell the detox juice as well as a few other products for home use.

The juice itself is made up of over thirty different organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and other plants that have been hand selected and fermented repeatedly during its two year maturity. The juices contain not only the ripened fruit of only locally grown produce, but their seeds and plants as well in an effort to keep the vitamins and minerals in the exact content as they had in their natural state. The multiple fermentation process is said to be the secret to the detoxification process of these juices.

List of Ingredients

The components included in the Tahara Detox Program Package for home use are: Tahara Formula II Juice, Tahara Herbs Tea, Weight Release Tea, Balance Tea, Probiotics and a guide book. Ingredients lists for individual teas and juices are on the company website.

Product Features

The Tahara Detox Program is marketed to detoxify the body through a series of drinks as well as exercise such as Yoga and Sauna treatments in their spa like facilities. It is believed that the detoxification process rejuvenates the body’s organs and invigorates the metabolism which in turn will lead to greater and quicker weight loss. The Tahara Detox Program Package for home use contains the Tahara Formula II Juice, two teas, Probiotics and a guide book.

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  • The Detox Diet encourages individuals to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water.
  • The Detox Program is no available for home use.


  • Some pretty nasty side effects can accompany the whole detox process such as: diarrhea, dehydration, headaches, cramps, nausea and fatigue.
  • This type of weight loss has long been considered unhealthy.
  • It seems unsafe to do this type of detox at home with no medical supervision.


The Tahara Detox Center’s only location is in Pleasanton, California. This poses a huge problem for many would be dieters. There is a Tahara Detox Program Package that can be purchased for home use, though that seems a little dangerous since the detoxing individual would have no immediate support or help in the event that the side effects became serious. If this type of “diet” is chosen it is extremely important to be under the care of a physician. With so many other programs out there that produce results it might be a safer solution to forgo the home detox package.

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