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The Tahiti Trader Company was established in 1999 by Larry Logsdon in order to bring Noni Juices to the alternative medicine and holistic markets. Mr. Logsdon’s desire to bring Noni Juice to the masses stemmed from his own experiences with the super nutrient juice. Originally Tahiti Trader Company only sold Noni juice but has expanded to grow a product line that includes a variety of exotic juices and supplements. These juices and supplements are said to provide benefits for many ailments and conditions from pain management to weight loss to improved bone health and a whole host of other conditions.

Tahiti Trader Company began selling supplements that were Noni juice based then later began to develop and release their own brand: the Power Max Line. This line of supplements is based on nutritionally dense “super foods” that are fruit based such as: Noni, Goji, Mangosteer and Acai. All of the juices used and sold by the Tahiti Trader are said to be full of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids.

List of Ingredients

The Tahiti Trader website contains nutritional information for all of their products such as: ingredients lists, benefits of the product and serving suggestions.

Product Features

The Tahiti trader juices are exotic concoctions that are made from fruits and berries such as Noni, Acai, Goji or Mangosteer. Each juice is said to be full of antioxidants and “super nutrients,” and each has a list of ailments and conditions that they are said to treat. The online website gives both nutritional information and a list of uses for each juice. While consumers may make purchases online for their convenience, products are available at select retail outlets as well.

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  • The juices are all natural.
  • Tahiti Trader maintains an online store that consumers may purchase product through.
  • The price is pretty much in line with other weight loss supplements.
  • The website also contains articles that give specific uses for each juice or product.


  • Since many of the products are juices and not supplements, taste could become a major factor for some individuals.
  • The website does not give customer reviews or testimonials for their products.
  • The juices are considered foods and as such the FDA has not researches or studied the health benefit claims.


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