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More and more dieters are turning to the eating styles and fitness programs of the East due to the deterioration of healthful eating in the West. This is why many weight loss programs are being structured around Ancient Eastern philosophies, as is the case with the book “Tai Chi Diet: Food for Life.” Written by Mike Symonds, the book is based on a Taoist view of life and food that puts together a diet and fitness program that focuses less on diet and more on how we eat in general.

The basic principles of the Tai Chi Diet promote lasting wellness and longevity. Because of these principles the diet is often called Chang Ming, or the Long Life Diet. Taoism is all about balancing competing energies, even in eating and nutrients. Author Symonds has made the clam that by balancing sodium and potassium within the foods we eat the body will be leaner, feel better and be more nourished. The book also covers topics such as minerals, vitamins and body chemistry. Overall the book and lifestyle plan focus on adopting a healthy perspective on eating that is thought to keep you healthy and promote long life.

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This book is not a fad diet introduction. The claims are that the Tai Chi Diet: Food for Life book is based on gaining a personal understanding of dietary needs and body chemistry that will show results. The book does state that dieters will notice a difference in about one to two years time.

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  • The book is available at many online retailers as well as local book sellers.
  • This is not a fad diet but a way of life that promotes long lasting lifestyle changes.
  • The author states that individuals will reap benefits far beyond weight loss alone.


  • This is a book and as such should be used by self starters.
  • Since the “diet” is based on Taoism there is an emphasis on the spiritual which some dieters may find beyond the scope of weight loss or fitness in general.
  • Since this is a book there is no customer support and consumers cannot get questions answered.
  • Waiting one to two years to see any results is not acceptable to many dieters.


Tai Chi Diet: Food for Life is a book written by Mike Symonds and based on the Taoist way of life. Taoism is an Eastern spiritual way of life that lends itself towards balance and moderation in all things, which of course would include dietary needs and physical activity. By applying the basic tenants of Taoism, consumers are said to notice a difference in both spirit and body within one to two year. That is a relatively long time to wait for results and many dieters are looking for a faster way to lose weight and gain overall fitness.

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