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Tammy Flynn, M.S., R.D. was a nutritional director for a Gold’s Gym in Wenatchee, Washington before she authored the book “3-Apple-a-Day Plan: Your Foundation for Permanent Fat Loss.” As told by her publisher, while Tammy was working with Gold’s she met a client who claimed that she ate an apple before each meal in order to give her diet a super start. The client had also used this strategy to break through a plateau in her weight loss effort. Flynn conducted some tests to verify the results. It is reported that she tested the diet plan on three hundred forty-six clients over a twelve week period with a total weight loss of 6,000 pounds. The premise is that apples help to stimulate metabolic functioning.

Flynn then wrote the book which states that this diet plan will help dieters eat more healthily and lose weight without depriving themselves of their favorite foods. In addition to the diet plan, the book includes step by step exercise advice in addition to tips and recipes for eating well while on the 3-Apple-a-Day Plan. Study subjects lost an average of seventeen pounds each over the 12 week study period.

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Tammy Flynn’s book “3-Apple-a-Day Plan” gives simple to follow instructions on diet and exercise. She has also included over one hundred recipes that are claimed to be both easy to prepare and quite delicious. Although the book does go into how apple stimulate metabolism, Flynn does suggest a sensible eating plan that is coupled with exercise to achieve the best results possible.

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  • The Apples are easily added to the diet for most people.
  • This program promotes a well rounded approach to fitness and weight loss through both diet and exercise.
  • Results have been shown in more than 346 clients prior to the book being written
  • The book also contains over 100 recipes to make dieting just a little easier.


  • This is still just a book and there is no outlet for contacting a professional with questions should consumers have them.
  • Individuals must like apples for this diet approach to work for them.


Tammy Flynn, M.S., R.D. wrote the book “3-Apples-a-Day Plan” after seeing a client successfully use this type of plan to both jump start her initial weight loss and then to break through her weight loss plateau. After testing the diet on 346 clients through the Gold’s Gym where she worked, Flynn began writing the book to share the information with would be dieters. The book is available through her publisher Random House or any one of many online and local book sellers.

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