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TanThin is a topical cream that claims to be heat activated and highly potent. The company offers clinical support for aminophylline, the active ingredient in their slimming lotion. Despite the name, TanThin does not tan the skin. Instead, sunlight or heat activates the cream creating a thermogenic effect on fat layers. According to a video on the main website, fat cells are forced to release lipids and the skin takes on a slimmer, thinner look. None of the clinical research listed proves fat is lost, just that it is moved from out of one area. Aminophylline is caffeine and Vinpocetine based ingredient.

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Most slimming creams work by using caffeine to dehydrate the space between fat cells making the skin look thinner. There is no reduction in weight or fat, just a thinner look to cellulite. TanThin does not prove it works any differently than other caffeine-based cellulite creams, including the time it takes to see results.

TanThin requires two to three weeks of regular, daily use to slim skin. In this time, a proven fat loss supplement, diet and exercise could truly slim the skin be reducing fat stores for good. Instead, the slimming cream will give the appearance of thinner skin, which will go back to the old look if the cream is stopped. TanThin is also much more expensive than other fat loss or caffeine-based cellulite creams. One six-ounce bottle lasts about six days when used according to directions and retails for $119.95. If the product were used for three weeks straight, the total cost would be $420 for thinner looking skin.

Testimonials are available on the website, but there are no before and after photos. As this is a topical solution, before and after photos are crucial to convincing customers to try the product. We cannot figure out how videos can be available as testimonials, but no photos of actual results.

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  • Cellulite creams may push water from between cells leaving a smoother appearance to skin.


  • The product is WAY overpriced at $420 for three months.
  • No permanent weight loss will result from using TanThin.
  • Before and after photos are not available.
  • Only thin, fitness-type models are used for testimonials.


TanThin is another in a long line of caffeine-based cellulite creams that may work to smooth skin, but for the price, the dieter will have to take a second mortgage to afford continuing treatments. TanThin costs much more than proven weight loss products that help a dieter permanently lose weight. There is nothing permanent about water loss between cells. As soon as TanThin is stopped, the water will return and the rippled cellulite look will too.

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