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Tapout XT Extreme is a fitness routine similar to the likes of P90X. The product does not require the same materials as P90X and claims to burn more than 1,200 per workout. Each of the workouts is inspired by actual MMA routines performed by big name athletes in the sport. Routines are based upon high intensity interval training, incorporating striking and kicking combinations.

The program was created by fitness expert Mike Karpenko, a MMA conditioning coach. The program includes 12 DVD’s, a diet plan as well as four additional fitness routines. Dieters can expect to pay $120 for the set or break up payments over the course of three months.

List of Ingredients


  • Extreme fitness routine.

Product Features

Tapout XT Extreme is a MMA-inspired fitness routine incorporating striking and kicking combined with interval training. The primary focus of the 12 routines is improving cardiovascular endurance, while increasing strength. Online testimonial show the results of the program. We did not fin scientific research associated with the routine, but we do know that interval training is proven to be more effective that traditional training.

The product is available on the official website for $120. This is the average price for this type of fitness product. We realized the average dieter will consider the price excessive. The company allows individuals to split the cost over the course of three months. The company also allows users to return the product after 90 days. In essence Tapout XT Extreme allows individuals to complete the program and return, no questions asked.

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  • The program incorporates interval training.
  • Diet and supplementation are addressed.
  • The dieter does not need to purchase any additional equipment.


  • Workouts are time consuming.
  • The results are not guaranteed.
  • The product is expensive.
  • The fitness routines are extreme.
  • Claims are not based upon scientific research.


If Tapout XT Extreme can product the results of P90X, the product is a winner in our book. Several products on the market don’t get the physiology of fitness correct. The products either focus on strength training or cardiovascular training. Several products even attempt to combine the two. The most effective products on the market combine the two, while adding in interval training. This type of training is proven to burn more calories than traditional fitness routines.

Although the price is comparable to similar products on the market, the price tag is higher than the average dieter may be willing to pay. Fortunately, the cost can be divided into three payments. We also like that the product addresses diet. This is an integral part of any fitness routine. The only thing we have concern with is the intensity needed for the program. Being extreme, the workout may not be suitable for all fitness types.

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