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Tauro Test is all about increasing testosterone so the bodybuilder can achieve larger muscle mass and recover from workouts more quickly. The trouble with most test boosters is the fact that they contain no proven ingredients that actually boost testosterone. Before pro-hormones were banned, there were tons of supplements on the market that actually worked to promote testosterone and increase muscle mass, but the law laid down the hammer on these ingredients and now most are illegal for use in competition or sports in the United States. What is left is a group of natural and herbal supplement ingredients that promote libido. The idea is, if the bodybuilder feels like having sex he must have higher testosterone levels, but that is not the case. Libido boosters do not necessarily boost testosterone.

List of Ingredients

Testobullism TM Testosterone Amplification Matrix: Long Jack, Fenugreek Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Methoxyflavone and 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran.

Secretrophin TM GH Inducing Blend: Alpha GPC and Macuna Pruriens.

CAMP Agonists: cAMP.

Estocut TM Estrogen Modulation Matrix: I-3-C, White Button Mushroom and Resveratrol.

TauroDrive TM Delivery System Matrix: Black Pepper Extract, Ginger Root, Cayenne Powder, Vitamin B6 and Zinc Chelate.

Product Features

What do you get when you throw together a bunch of herbal libido boosters and give them to a bodybuilder? You get a bodybuilder that thinks his testosterone is jacked through the roof. We visited several bodybuilding forums looking for discussions on test boosters and the consensus is that herbs just don’t work to promote testosterone. There are a few supplements that bodybuilders like, but few of these supplements contains a new or exciting ingredient. They all contain the same ingredients. There may be one slight difference, however, estrogen blockers. There are herbal estrogen blockers that limit estrogen production so testosterone takes over the rightful spot as supreme ruler in the body. While this does not physically increase testosterone, it does give testosterone a higher concentration over estrogen.

Tauro Test is not the best formula on the market for boosting libido or inhibiting estrogen and we found no positive reviews for the supplement.

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  • Ingredients for Tauro Test are available online.
  • The formula may give the bodybuilder a feeling of increased testosterone.


  • Will not promote weight loss or muscle growth.
  • None of the ingredients in the formula will eliminate hunger.
  • Tauro Test does not have a strong bodybuilding following.


When it comes to test boosters, there are many to choose from but there are not many ingredients, so all the formulas look vaguely familiar. Tauro Test claims, like so many other test boosters, to promote muscle mass, lean muscle growth and recovery, but the ingredient list does not support these claims. The company does not bother to support the claims with clinical research and there are no testimonials from bodybuilders screaming about the massive growth they achieved while taking the supplement.

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