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What You Should Know

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Tava Tea claims to be the breakthrough in weight loss every dieter has been waiting for. There are testimonials on the official website claiming 15 pounds of weight loss with the first box, but the testimonials are not accompanied with before and after photos, so we are not sold on these claimed results. There are only three ingredients in the supplement with 30 tea bags to one pot. According to the steeping directions, you can use and reuse the same tea bag throughout the day, so each box will last at least one month. Each time the bag is used, the steeping time increases.

List of Ingredients


  • Organic Steamed Sencha
  • Organic Wuyi Cliff Oolong
  • Organic Pu-erh

Product Features

Sencha, the main ingredient in Tava Tea, is a steamed tea that varies in taste from mild to astringent. The taste depends on the water temperature when the tea is brewed. According to the brewing instructions for Tava Tea, the water should be about 167 degrees F, so a cooking thermometer should be used when brewing Tava Tea.

WuYi Cliff Oolong tea is a popular ingredient in Asian weight loss teas. There are lots of websites referencing the fat burning potential of WuYi tea, but none list any relevant clinical resources.

Pu-Erh is another form of tea often referred to as dark tea. This tea variety is clinically proven to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, but it is not proven to promote weight loss.

Tava Tea makes claims it cannot support, but we are not passing judgment just yet. Green tea is known to have metabolism boosting properties, thus other tea varieties may have the same effects. There are no stimulants in Tava Tea and at least one ingredient is proven to have positive health benefits, so we are all for adding a little Tava to your weight loss program.

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  • Tava Tea is available for sale online.
  • When brewed correctly, one tea bag can last several days.


  • No clinical research proves Tava Tea will increase weight loss.
  • Sells for $24 a box.


If you have some extra money lying around, Tava Tea may be a great addition to your supplement program. The tea bags require boiling water with each brew, which could mean the bags can only be used at home. One tea bag does last several brews, but the price is much higher than other varieties of weight loss tea. We found no evidence that any of the tea varieties in Tava Tea are proven to increase weight loss, but we did find clinical research that Pu-Erh will promote cholesterol health. We like this product, but we would not suggest it in place of a proven weight loss supplement.

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