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Tea-X from SciTec Nutrition is a green tea extract that is supposed to boost metabolism and help dieters lose weight. The official website shows the ingredients in Tea-X, but we looked at the label more than once trying to figure out where the rest of the ingredients disappeared to. There is just one ingredient in the formula – green tea. We’re still waiting for the X in Tea-X.

SciTec supports online ordering for some websites, but we found multiple websites for SciTec and not all listed items for sale.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Tea Extract

Product Features

Tea-X from SciTec is nothing more than 200mg of green tea. You can find this same supplement in the US for less than $4 in any grocery store or vitamin shop, but SciTec attempts to charge more than $30 with shipping and handling for the same thing.

When you look at clinical testing, because green tea extract is clinically tested to increase metabolism and help a dieter lose weight (not to mention other health benefits of taking green tea), you’ll find anywhere from 300 to 400mg of green tea are used. If the green tea is decaffeinated, even more can be used with no negative side effects. Tea-X contains just 200mg of green tea. The dieter is supposed to take the supplement three times a day. That increases the total amount consumed per day to 600mg.

The description for SciTec Tea-X, which must have gone through a recent facelift because the bottle is now red and it used to be green, claims increased thermogenics without increased heart rate. This is completely accurate, based on the ingredient label, which states the maximum caffeine content is just 0.5% of the total.

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  • Green tea is clinically proven to boost metabolism.
  • According to the label, there is 100mg of EGCG in the supplement.
  • There are no other stimulants or ingredients in the formula.


  • The name is a little misleading.
  • There is nothing spectacular about the supplement.
  • Green tea may not be powerful enough to boost metabolism as a standalone supplement.


There are multiple ingredients we are looking for in the perfect supplement. Those ingredients must be proven to boost metabolism and decrease hunger. With that in mind, Tea-X covers one of the two – but appetite is still in question. If you take chromium and banaba extract, for instance, with the Tea-X you may notice a change in appetite and a boost in weight loss. Tea-X as a single diet supplement is not even close to perfect.

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