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Teavigo is manufactured by DSM Nutritional, formerly known as Roche Vitamins and Fine Chemicals, a Swiss company that has been in the vitamin making business since 1935. Teavigo is marketed as the best green tea extract in its purest form. Teavigo boasts a minimum of 94% purity when dry. This extract is also guaranteed to be caffeine, herbicide and pesticide free.

It has long been proven that drinking green tea will help individuals to lose weight. The problem is that this is a slow process, and green tea doesn’t taste as good as other teas. Then green tea supplements enter the picture. Fairly recently scientist have learned that EGCG, the active component in green tea, synergizes with caffeine. This synergy causes thermogenesis which burns fat much faster.

Teavigo is used in many different diet and health aids, especially in fat burners and energy drinks. It is important to look for the guarantee seal on the product label when buying Teavigo products as this will tell you that the manufacturer of the product used authentic Teavigo extract.

List of Ingredients

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Product Features

Teavigo is a potent green tea extract that is used alone as a supplement, in beverages and in other diet aids and products. The high potency extract is said to promote fat burning through thermogenesis when combined with caffeine.

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  • Teavigo is caffeine free which appeals to many individuals.
  • The manufacturer guarantees that the product is both pesticide and herbicide free.
  • Green Tea extract has been proven to have demonstrated health benefits.
  • Teavigo is said to contain the highest purity levels of EGCG at 94%.


  • Instead of a supplement Teavigo from the manufacturer is usually a beverage.
  • Teavigo can be purchased as a standalone health aid, yet it may lack the sometimes necessary synergy with other compounds to give the most energy and health benefits.
  • This is not a diet or fitness program and does not address the need for dietary changes or added physical fitness needs when trying to lose weight.
  • There are conflicting user reviews on different websites with some claiming that Teavigo is a scam and does not perform as promised.


Green tea extracts like Teavigo have long been applauded as fat burning compounds, especially when combined with caffeine. Many diet aids, supplements and products contain Teavigo as a main fat burning ingredient. While other green tea extracts also contain EGCG, the manufacturer of Teavigo claims that their product has the highest purity rate at 94% pure. If dieters chose to use products such as Teavigto it is wise to remember the importance of diet and exercise in any weight loss endeavor. Using green tea extract in conjunction with a sensible eating and fitness plan seems is advised.

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