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What You Should Know

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TeaVitra, according to several retailers, is not actually a tea but a diet supplement, containing several “superfoods” guaranteed to help you lose over 15 lbs. within 30 days. The owner states that she created this pill after she ate a diet containing these superfoods, and then attempted to combine them into capsule form for a convenient way to supplement her diet. According to the owner, she lost 14lbs within 30 days following the TeaVitra supplement and diet plans.

TeaVitra touts the same formula as other superfood supplements available, with the only difference being its 11th ingredient, Milk Thistle. It also claims to completely reduce acne, doubling as an acne aid. TeaVitra refuses to provide any before or after photos, and is not available in any stores. It is currently sold through independent retailers on Ebay.com only, which is a can be a warning signal in terms of safety or legitimacy. It is sold for $14.99 per bottle, with discounts given when bought by the bulk. Their return policy varies, depending on the distributor. TeaVitra claims it is a miracle in a bottle, but is that true?


Not Available on Official Site: Green Tea Extract, Oat Fiber, Flaxseed Oil, Spinach, Broccoli Extract, Garlic Extract, Tomato Concentrate, Salmon Oil Powder, Blueberry Extract, Red Wine 30% Extract, Milk Thistle.

Product Features

Upon reviewing the ingredients, TeaVitra is naturally-based, containing no synthetic ingredients. This is a positive sign, and natural ingredients generally come with fewer side effects. TeaVitra states that it contains no side effects, but natural ingredients do not necessarily indicate a potent formulation either. Each ingredient serves its own purpose in weight reduction — for example, they claim Milk Thistle helps regenerate your liver, whereas Oat Fiber reduces appetite. These are true statements, but the issue here is how it works when used in extract form. Most of these ingredients lose their nutrients when converted to extract form, thus losing potency. Furthermore, these ingredients help provide excellent antioxidant benefits, but these are not related to weight reduction. Only Green Tea Extract, their main ingredient, has been shown to help in weight reduction, revving up the metabolism and decreasing appetite. TeaVitra would be a fine supplement if it contained more potent ingredients.

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  • Contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Very affordable — one bottle retails for $14.99.
  • TeaVitra contains Green Tea Extract.


  • Ingredients do not provide immediate weight reduction benefits.
  • TeaVitra is only sold through Ebay, indicating it might not be as legit as it looks.
  • Its potency may be reduced in extract form, and users would probably benefit more by finding ways to eat the “10 superfoods” in their original forms.
  • Because it is only sold through Ebay, its safety and effectiveness are not guaranteed.

The Bottom Line

TeaVitra’s main drawback is its availability, and this will only discourage dieters from trying the product. Its formulation is not bad, but its extract form might provide fewer benefits – dieters would eb better off eating these foods instead for a healthier way to diet. The price is low, however, so it might be worth the investment, at least as a general nutritional aid.

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