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What You Should Know

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TeaZen is a line of tea like products you mix into water or another drink to get the EGCG content of several glasses of tea without having to drink it all the time. The products appear to be produced by TwinLabs, but when we looked at their website, we were unable to confirm. The TeaZen products are available through several merchants online and off.

List of Ingredients

The list of ingredients will vary slightly depending on which TeaZen product you purchase. If you are interested, please see the label for the specific product you are want to buy.

Product Features

TeaZen appears to come in five different varieties. It may come in several others, but without an official product page and only third party retailer information to go by, we cannot say for sure. TeaZen has an anti-stress blend, an antioxidant blend, a vitamin C blend, a mood blend and a beauty blend. Each bottle is two ounces and retails for around $14, on sale down from $19.99. You are supposed to mix a drop or two into to six to eight ounces of water. Each serving will provide you with the EGCG content of eight cups of black tea. It does not appear to really have any weight loss benefits, but ECGC is thought to help you increase your metabolism, so it may help you but it should not be relied on completely. Diet, exercise, and another weight loss supplement should be used with it to get the best possible results.

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  • TeaZen provides an easy way to get extra nutrients into your diet.
  • There are several different varieties to choose from.


  • TeaZen does not have an official website.
  • There may be a money back guarantee to support this product, but it will likely vary from merchant to merchant. If you are not sure, check with the merchant first to find out about their return policy.
  • There are no customer testimonials to support this product.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • This product does not really have much to do with weight loss.


TeaZen is not a typical weight loss supplement. Aside from the extra boost of ECGC, there is really nothing about it that would support weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you need a reduced calorie balanced diet combined with regular exercise using both cardiovascular and strength training. A clinically proven appetite suppressant or fat burner used as directed as part of your daily routine can provide extra support and ensure you lose more weight than diet and exercise alone. You could use TeaZen, too, but it should not take the place of a weight loss supplement or diet and exercise.

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