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What You Should Know

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Ten Day Results promises ‘ten day results’ which offer a ‘jump start’ to users’ weight loss efforts. They claim to use natural ingredients and hold a host of claims about the benefits of their product offering, however none of these claims have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration leading us to question their effectiveness. Ten Day Results products can be ordered online from their website, and do not cost as much as other supplement brands for the same benefits offered.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients used include Konjac root, Aloe Vera leaf, Chickweed, Dandelion root, Juniper berries, Cascara Segrada, Green Tea extract, Guarana extract, Cayenne pepper, Rhubarb Root, Slippery Elm, Uva Urvi extract, Marshmallow root as well as a number of other ingredients depending from one product to another.

Product Features

Ten Day Results has a product line that includes six ‘natural diet aids’. Each of these comes in a tabular form in bottles, each with sixty tablets. Prices for Ten Day Cleanse products are usually under $20 a bottle. Products include the Ten Day Downsize, Ten Day Lean and Clean, Ten Day Cholesterol Kick Start, Ten Day Get Well Stay Well, Ten Day Back on Tract and the Ten Day After Biotic.Most of these are not for prolonged every day use, as specified on the product labels. However, every time these are to be taken, dosages require intake of one to two tablets up to three times a day.

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  • Appears to use a substantial proportion of natural ingredients, as the product labelling and supplement information suggests.
  • The manufacturer gives appropriate warnings on the labelling, such as discouraging against prolonged usage.


  • Does not show anywhere on the website or labelling if or how the product actually works.
  • Although complete supplement facts are provided, the quantities of some ingredients are not.
  • The FDA has not validated any of the claims made by Ten Day Results labelling and marketing.


Ten Day Results products seem to contain similar ingredients to many other detoxification, colon cleansing and weight loss support products, however without any details of trials it is difficult to know how effective they really are. To this effect, it is necessary for those who plan to try the products to consult with their physicians about whether the product will actually do any good in one’s health related efforts. As always, it is incumbent that the users follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen and not use Ten Day Results products as a ‘cure’ for their weight loss and health issues. These products can only make a difference to your health as long as you are pursuing other healthy habits.

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