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Tenaga offers two supplements for men. One is created for men wanting more excitement in the bedroom and the other as a health complex to support the male enhancement supplement. There is a complete list of ingredients for both Tenaga supplements. The health complex does not seem to contain typical ingredients for supporting weight loss, but we will have to look more closely to see how the body reacts to each ingredient.

List of Ingredients

Proprietary Blend: Camilla sinensis leaf extract, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Hibiscus sabdariffa calyx extract, Piper betle leaf extract, Eurycoma longifolia root extract, Spinach and nettle leaf extract, Polygonum minus leaf extract, lemon and safflower extract.

Product Features

The first ingredient gets Tenaga off to a great start. Camilla sinesis leaf extract is green tea leaf extract, which has been widely studied for weight loss and proven to suppress appetite and increase metabolism. Without an amount listed, we have no idea how much the supplement contains or if it will work for weight loss, however. Centella asiatica leaf extract is a mild diuretic that increases blood flow. This ingredient is typical for support of a male enhancement supplement, but could also help shed a few pounds through dieresis. Hibiscus sabdariffa calyx extract is another diuretic.

Piper betle leaf extract is a stimulant, which again supports weight loss. Eurycoma longifolia root extract is often considered an aphrodisiac, but many users complain of difficulty sleeping which could mean it is another stimulant. Nettle leaf extract is another diuretic revealing a pattern to the Tenaga supplement.

It seems Tenaga has formulated a support supplement that increases urination and energy. We are not sure how increased urination can lead to better sex, but we do know it can affect weight loss by pushing water out of the body leading to dehydration. There have been deaths associated with diuretic use.

When we clicked to find out the price of the supplement, we were warned that the link took us to an unsecure website. This is horrible for customer use, especially if the website does contain hidden SPAM or tracking cookies. The Tenaga Health Complex supplement sells for $24.95 for 30 caplets.

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  • Some stimulants can increase heart rate and weight loss.
  • Diuretics will cause weight loss, short-term.
  • Green tea is a proven weight loss ingredient.


  • Diuretics can lead to dehydration and death if abused.
  • There are no amounts listed for any of the ingredients.


Having a security warning pop up for the sales page of a supplement website is not a good way to sell supplements to a consumer. Tenaga has formulated their health complex with diuretics and stimulants, which are commonly, used in weight loss products. We do not support over stimulation or diuretic use for weight loss no matter the core reason for a supplement.

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