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Knowledge is power. The more knowledge one acquires the greater chance the person is equipped to handle situations in the real world. As it relates to health and wellness issues, Teraputics attempts to fill the gap left by companies across the industry. The information available n the official website focuses on pain relief and dabbles in weight management.

The company, based in New York, acquires information from across the Internet. We noticed the information provided on the site was not based upon scientific research. There was no links to clinical trials or even testimonials associated with the effectiveness of the treatments. This leads us to believe the information is either false or based upon opinion. Should the average dieter seek out information from a verifiable source or simply take the word or individuals writing opinion blogs with no scientific research.

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  • Teraputics is a website featuring information and articles pertaining to health and wellness as well as weight loss.

Product Features

Teraputics is a blog specializing I health and wellness topics as well as weight loss topics. The goal of the company is to provide holistic solutions to common ailments and pains. Several of the topics challenge age-old techniques with new approaches to health and wellness. The topics are presented in blog format with no supporting documentation to clinical trials or scientific research.

When we website offers information relating to health and wellness, there should be information related to the science behind the available information. There is limited information relating to the authors of the content. We encountered a statement from Teraputics stating the company pulled the information together from across the Internet. This leads us to believe Teraputics did not write the topics they claim are effective.

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  • The information is free.
  • Teraputics does not attempt to sell you anything.


  • There is limited information relating to weight loss and nutrition.
  • The information is not backed by scientific research or clinical trials.
  • There is guarantee of weight loss.


We like when information is free. There are no expectations when you visit Teraputics. The information is relevant and timely. There are topics relating to health and wellness as well as weight management. The concern we found with Teraputics was the sources of the information. There was no links to clinical studies or scientific research. The information presented is in blog format without verifiable proof. This leads us to believe the information is more opinion based rather than scientific. This is the larger question. Do you support a company offering information free without medical proof?

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