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Editor's Review: 2.6 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Tesco Diets is an online dieting and weight loss program, and claims to be the largest one based in the United Kingdom.

List of Ingredients

There are no ingredients.

Product Features

Tesco Diets features several meal plans for a variety of different diet programs. When you join for just $6 a week (with a 10 week minimum commitment) Tesco Diets promises you “a personalized, convenient, and discreet” service. The diets are broken down into three different categories: weight loss and healthy eating plans, health specific plans, and totals plan that seems to be based on counting calories. The health specific plans take into account various health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and cholesterol levels.

There are several different ways for members to participate in the online community. There are message boards, blogs, and even online meetings where people can come together and share their stories, struggles, and successes.

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  • Focuses on healthy eating.
  • Provides online support.


  • No satisfaction guarantee.
  • May not fully address the benefits of a dietary supplement that has been designed to safely suppress the appetite and increase the metabolism to effectively assist in weight loss.
  • Does not appeal to those who do not wish to be part of the online community.


Making sure you eat a healthy balanced diet is a major part of any weight loss program. Eating the right foods is only half of the battle though, as it very important to exercise to strengthen and tone the body as well. There are many different programs, both online and off, some for free, and some that charge memberships, that will help you find a meal plan that is healthy and that you enjoy. There are many different websites and diet communities like this one that do not require any sort of membership, so if you were planning on spending the money for it, you should spend the money on healthy food, or a weight loss supplement to add to your program that includes a fat burner and appetite suppressant.

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5 User Reviews about Tesco Diet

  • 1
    Stephanie H

    Totally thumbs up! I find the website easy to use, the meal plans are tasty and fit in with my lifestyle and when I follow them properly I lose weight. The support from the forums and mentor team is fantastic, and I would have no hesitation in recommending the service to anyone!


  • 2
    Chloe Davies

    I have just achieved my target weight with the help of Tesco Diets. They are amazing, the support and help they provided me whilst I dieted was great. The choice of meals available was wonderful and I’ve learnt to cook some lovely meals and had the option of convenience meals when I’ve been busy, this has all helped me in losing over 2 stone.


  • 3
    Andrea Powell

    I have coeliacs disease and found it difficult finding a diet suitable. The staff at Tesco Diets provide a gluten free diet and excellent support and understanding of the condition. There is a wide variety of other diets available and speaking to other dieters on the community pages, everyone is enjoying them and seems to be doing well. I definately recommend this site to anyone who is considering dieting.


  • 4
    Annie Davies

    I have tried many diets over my time but the Tesco on-line diet is just about the best. It allows you to choose meals that you would like to eat and adapt them to your personal taste. I am watching my fat and salt content in food and this is clearly displayed for each meal on the meal plans.
    What’s more I am losing weight and I am not hungry. It has really taught me where I am going wrong.. What more could you ask of an on-line diet
    It was very clear that money would be taken from your account when signing up but there is nothing to pay afterwards for 8 weeks and after this time you can cancel
    Go on give it a go


  • 5
    Mel Tesseyman

    How do i go about doing the 10 day free trial on the tesco diet?