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Tested Essentials is a supplement line with a few fitness supplements currently available for sale at various vitamin shops. The main supplements in the line include EGCG, L-Citrulline and ZN-MG-B6. Supplements in the Tested Essential line are available in Australia, though some companies are willing to send the supplements to the United States for higher shipping and handling fees.

From a dieter’s perspective, Tested Essentials does not offer any supplements to promote weight loss. The fitness and bodybuilding market appears to be the main focus of the company’s marketing.

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  • Supplement company.

Product Features

If we take a look at some of the supplements sold by Tested Essentials, we can see how the company works and whether or not dieters and consumers should trust the company. The Tested Essentials EGCG supplement supplies about 700 mg of green tea standardized to provide more than 200 mg of EGCG. That is a huge dose of EGCG. EGCG and green tea are proven to support overall health, but it is the weight loss benefit most dieters are interested in. Drinking enough green tea to spark metabolism can be hard, but products like Tested Essentials EGCG make it easier.

Tested Essentials L-Citrulline is a supplement that is supposed to improve athletic performance and energy, but there is no clinical support for either claim. Tested Essentials simply claims the supplement is designed to promote metabolism of protein. The body naturally makes l-citrulline and it can be consumed in food. There is no evidence that taking more via supplementation will promote protein metabolism.

Tested Essentials supplements are priced higher than equivalent supplements in the United States. There is no reason to jump out there and purchase these products internationally when equivalents are likely available in your local grocery store or vitamin shop.

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  • We found complete ingredient lists for all Tested Essentials products.
  • The EGCG supplement is quite impressive.


  • Prices are higher than equivalent supplements in the United States.
  • Not all Tested Essentials supplements are proven effective.
  • The product descriptions lack depth and clinical support.


Tested Essentials may be a big name in Australia, but the supplements sold by the company are not that impressive. We do LOVE the EGCG supplement, but there are equivalents in the United States that sell for far less than the Tested Essentials EGCG. Dieters can also consume three to four cups of strong green tea each day for equal benefit.

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