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TestMedica is a medical test manufacturer, specializing in medical text kits for home use. They also have a ‘health and nutrition’ product line. Medical test products available include a wide range of drug tests, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) tests, pregnancy and reproductive health related tests. Their home test product line offers low cost home solutions for a variety of conditions, specifically drug presence in the bloodstream (most medical test kits are under $10, and averaging about $5 per single test). The prices of these tests are low enough that they especially target those who want to save on physician visits and consequently, fees. These products are particularly useful for those who have little or no health insurance coverage, as it costs significantly less to get a prescription from a general physician when the test results are in hand.Although the manufacturer claims a new health and nutrition line including natural vitamins, supplements, herbal products, meal replacement products, body building nutritional supplements and ‘natural cosmetics’, these do not appear to be available for purchase online, and the only products readily available are those for medical test home kits.

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Product Features

TestMedica produces a vast range of home medical test kits. Kits for urine tests, UTI tests, pH tests, diabetes health screen tests, acid monitor balance check tests, pregnancy tests, liver tests, ovulation tests, marijuana screen tests, crystal meth screen tests, cocaine screen tests, choles scan tests, cholo-rectal screen tests as well as combination tests for various health conditions as well as drugs.Products include detailed instructions for use, and according to claims, offer quick and easy home tests for various conditions which are convenient and reliable, as well as affordable. Their health and nutrition line includes natural vitamins and supplements, supplements for body building, a variety of herbs (in bulk form), a range of ‘natural cosmetics’ and low carbohydrate meal replacement products.

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  • Quick, easy and convenient to use.
  • Considerably low cost.
  • A large range of home test kits are available, making TestMedica a versatile brand for these over the counter, home medical test kits.
  • According to customer reviews, works just as well as the higher priced home medical test kits.


  • No website available for details of how the product works.
  • Product lines other than home medical test kits are not readily available online, although they are mentioned.
  • Using home testing kits may deter users from visiting their physician. This could lead to misdiagnosis or other underlying problems going unnoticed.


TestMedica products cannot be substituted for visits to one’s general physician. Only licensed practitioners can accurately read results and home tests, although effective, cannot always be substituted for formal clinical tests for various illnesses and medical conditions.

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    I want to know if there is aNYWHERE IN COLORADO I CAN buy testmedica home liver scan test. thanks