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Testofen is a fenugreek supplement standardized to 50% fenuside. There are plenty of research studies completed on fenugreek and most are in relation to the effects on breast milk volume. Fenugreek is known to increase the volume of breast milk for mothers who are having trouble making enough breast milk to feed their infants. There are a few other ingredients in the supplement, but none that will greatly impact weight loss. Testofen is a product trademarked by Gencor Pacific

List of Ingredients

Fenugreek. Proprietary Catapol Blend – Ginseng, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Niacin, Bioperine.

Product Features

Fenugreek is the first and foremost ingredient in Testofen. There are no studies, that we could find, to back up the claims of increased testosterone levels associated with fenugreek. The theory behind the claim of increased testosterone is linked to the milk androgenic properties of fenugreek. We did find plenty of studies involving women with trouble lactating. These women took fenugreek to improve breast milk supply with good success.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are commonly used to increase energy naturally. These vitamins work to metabolize carbohydrates in the body, among other actions. That metabolization allows cells of the body to use carbohydrates for energy. Some people, especially those who have had weight loss surgery, are often deficient in vitamin B6 and B12 and supplementation can increase energy and reduce fatigue.

Niacin is another B vitamin commonly used in supplements claiming to increase fat burn. Niacin causing a flushing effect which may include increased heart rate, red skin and sweating. This reaction in the body is often the reason dieters believe a weight loss supplement is burning more fat, but the flushing and fat burning are not related.

Bioperine is another name for black pepper; the same black pepper used to season food. There is some evidence that black pepper and other peppers cause an increase in body temperature and heart rate and thus affect metabolism. The rate at which metabolism is increased is not clear.

The final ingredient is Ginseng. Ginseng is often touted as a relaxant and energy booster. Studies have been performed on the supplement for decades with some positive results. One result that dieters would be interested in was completed in 1994 in Sweden. People who used Ginseng reported increase appetite, almost across the board.

Testofen sells from various manufacturers and the price ranges from $15 to $30 per bottle.

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  • B vitamins may increase energy metabolism and reduce fatigue.
  • Bioperine shows promise as a natural fat burner.


  • Fenugreek may not have the testosterone boosting effects promised.
  • There are not real fat burners in the supplement.
  • No appetite suppressing ingredients are included in Testofen.
  • Ginseng may increase appetite.


Testofen is supposed to boost testosterone to help increase muscle size, but the ingredient list does not support that claim. Dieters will waste their money on this product because the ingredients are not formulated to work for weight loss or fat burn, though Bioperine is a mild fat burner.

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    Does it contridicts with dibitic drugs


    Jessica (Editor)

    Hi! Because you take these medications, please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new weight-loss program or product.


  • 2

    Like the other poster said, pump pump pump, as much as you can with an eltcreic pump.I had a low supply and this did it for me. If you try now it may not be too late. I had to keep pumping until around 4months, when finally my milk supply adjusted and I got to where I needed to be to exclusively breast-feed my baby.If you are comfortable with it and can do it responsibly, you could ty co-sleeping with the baby as the night-time feeds stimulate milk production more than any other time of the day. Prolactin is higher in the early hours. You could try breast-feeding lying down, that’s what we did anyway and baby and you both go back to sleep with baby attached. Breast=feeding releases a hormone that makes you feel sleepy so that you go back to sleep when baby wakes for a feed, but it also releases a hormone that stops you entering the 4th stage of sleep, the very deepest sleep, to stop you from rolling onto your baby.Anyway, I digress, good luck with it, hope you get it back Was this answer helpful?


  • 3
    Mario Siniscalchi

    I got your product and I been taken as directed and so far no results. besides that I have been advised by my doctor to stop taken it because of my health condition. so please don’t send me anymore. I appreciate what you intended but I have to stop. Thank You



    Any relation to Carlo?


  • 4

    well sad all this in the comments,I am frustrated to a point,that is efecting my health.Would like to know what herbal medicine will give me the High-T- senior.I would like to have a erection 24/7.Write me back



    The standardized fenusides help, but TESTOPEL is an implant that seriously works for what you desire. You will need to see a urologist for this. I use the fenugreek (610mg) as a boost. It works.


  • 5
    dennis henley

    any side effects of testoril or cautions?


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