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Testoprim-D is a combination testosterone injection sold out of Mexico. This injection is considered one of the most painful in bodybuilding. We read through multiple pages of bodybuilding forums and more than 90-percent of users report the same negative side effects. The site injection is painful – extremely painful and there is a golf ball size lump that appears under the skin. Almost immediately after injection test flu starts and the symptoms don’t go away before it’s time for the next injection. Most bodybuilders who’ve attempted to stick with the injections have noticed gains, but the negative side effects are so pronounced and extreme that few bodybuilders last more than a few weeks on the test.

Testosterone supplementation should only be attempted under the care of a physician. There is no way of knowing what you are buying when you order Testoprim-D or other injected test online. Testosterone supplementation is not something to self administer.

List of Ingredients


  • Testosterone Enanthate
  • Testosterone Propionate
  • Vehiculo c.b.p.

Product Features

Testoprim-D is the real stuff. This injection contains 250 mg of enanthe and 50 mg of propionate. According to multiple sources, the vial of Testoprim-D does not appear to be full so there is a chance you are receiving less than claimed. Despite the smaller dose, this test comes with quite a punch. Upon injection, which should happen in the glute muscle, the area may become red and swollen. There are reports of swelling and knot formation under the skin. The test flu starts and sticks around during the entire cycle. You inject twice a week with Testoprim-D.

We do not support the use of testosterone injections for bodybuilding gains, but no bodybuilder really cares what someone else says about their test injecting choices. However, bodybuilders don’t trust Testoprim-D either. Most report the injections are just too painful and riddled with side effects to be worth the gains.

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  • Testoprim-D can be easily ordered online.
  • Will cause muscle and strength gains.


  • Site injection pain.
  • Swelling and knotting of skin at site injection.
  • Prolonged test flu with cycled use.
  • May cause negative side effects like increased anger, aggressiveness and infertility.


Taking a testosterone injection for bodybuilding is just a horrible idea, but if you are intent on taking test injections this is not the right injection. There are too many side effects associated with Testoprim-D to make this cycle worthwhile. Take a look around a few bodybuilding forums and you will notice the same thing from bodybuilders who’ve tried it.

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  • 1

    I would use testoprim. I’m diabetic,I have ED. But this stuff lengthens my penis by 2inches,a total between 7 &9 inches. I use to have a long penis.it gives me a nice hard on. While having sex it works good. But I need something stronger for my hardons.I wanna be as hard as a horse as I use to be. I have male menopause. I would love to have more sex.What would you reccomend?


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi Albert, you might wanna take a look at some of our otherMale Enhancement and Testosterone Boosting reviews for alternatives. Good Luck!


  • 2
    Adrian llanos

    It work for me. Now my question is.is it okay for girls to take it to.


    Arnold (Editor)

    We do not recommend women taking this product; it contains highly concentrated and different kinds of testosterone. Please consult your doctor or read our reviews for alternatives.


  • 3
    Your Name



    Karen (Editor)

    Hi. It is important that any injection should not be self administerd and if you decide to take this it should be carefully monitored by a physician.


  • 4

    i did injection what like three day ago still pain lil big Musal how come relive pain


  • 5
    Ana lleli

    Ok!! I’ve heard that this medication is great that it helps you build muscles and shreds fat away. I wanted to use in my butt to help it grow more but I’m a little scared I’m a very healthy person I workout I’m 26 years just wondering that will really help my buns to get bigger would it worth it HELP ME PLEASE!!??


  • 6

    It’s true about the side affects but it’s not really that bad. It really works and very addictive.


  • 7
    sergio martinez

    You use it for 3 month’s and you see resalt in 3 month’s. The more harder you train the fastest resalt’s you see in yourself good muscle mass gain in just 3 month’s. Love it.


  • 8
    sergio martinez

    I use now and it works. Yes it’s true about the pain and knott’s but it’s not all like you say. I use it for 1 year and this stuff work’s testoprim D work for me. Now back on again the resalts awsume


  • 9

    I just bought in Mexico SO how long til you see results


  • 10

    This stuff never makes me sore because I use the syringe head provided only to draw. I then replace it with a proper injection head. Note that only a longer and larger-gauge draw syringe is included w/ the Testoprim-D. I inject in my upper arm and never get red or lumps. No pain either. NEVER inject with a draw syringe!!!!!


  • 11

    We had gone to Mexico and bought some Testoprim-D and it is the most painful shots I have ever had!! Can anyone tell me where I can order some testosterone online?


  • 12
    Jose Perez

    It’s good but painful but if u heat up the vial in warm water about a minute in microwave & let it sit for about 2 minutes & inject then put a warm compress u wont get a painful lump or knot on injection site testoprim did work for me did get stronger& gained stamina


  • 13
    adrian llanos cornejo

    Testoprim-d its been heping me out . Im 46 years old and i do carpentry and like to work out. now that i been use in it i have alot more power and fell better. the shoot for me is not painful but i do get a lump and sorns everytime.



    Do you do 1 shoot a week?


  • 14

    I have been on Testoprim D for a full 5 month cycle now. (Two shots a week) I have only gotten the flu with it one time. This is what I did to stop the painful aftermath. I will mix one vile of Testoprim D with .5cc of filtered grapeseed oil. I normally shake it inside the syringe. Once it is well shaken I grab a hair dryer and let the hair dryer heat up the mixture inside the syringe. I have noticed MASSIVE gains and strength from this. Plus I take Animal Pak, Animal Omega, Animal Flex, Animal Nitro, Animal PM and the best one Animal Cuts. At first I was curious as to how my liver would react to so much, but I recently did a full blood sample and it was all clean. Plus I work out 5 to 6 times a day and eat a well balanced lean diet.


  • 15

    Ive done 5 cycles of testo prim d , yes it is very painful at first. First jcycle I did 1 shot a wk for 12wks. I got the painful knots . Second cycle I did 12wks again but I doubled the dose in a single shot. Huge mistake swellnes size of a fist and redness. I put a heating pad on it and it went away. My last cycles were the best. I would heat up the viles wit a lighter & take 2 shots,1 on each cheeck and then I massaged 5min each. No swollenes lil pain for a day I did this every 10 days n last 4shots 15 days apart followed by nolva. Kept gains and gains were great. The instruction on test p d say to friction in hands to warm up but its not enough. I hope this helps ppl



    WWhere did you get the nolva


  • 16

    I took testoprim d for my first time ever taking testosterone after the shot i noticed pain in my glute and rednes and a.lump about a golf ball.size and after the fourth.day the lump is still there its not as pain full still hurts but i.just wonder if it would go away.or i.dont know wat to do stop taking it or try.one more sjot to see how it goes


  • 17

    after 2-4 weeks the soreness stops as ur body becomes accustom to it.Never had the flu like symptons packs good gains



    How fast did you see results if any?…did you gain muscles mass and shaved fat?


  • 18

    Testoprim-D does not have any pain side effects.

    What causes pain? Pain is cause by pocking a vessel and inflamation is a natural result. If you inject in the leg muscle, 90% of the time you’ll pocke a vessel. I you inject in the butt, pain is non-existent.



    I love this stuff got me big fast I’m still taking it if any one needs I got



    Has anyone got like hulusunating from this I’ve been getting that and bad headaches is this because of the injections really want to know been feeling sick


    chris sandoval

    What did u do for the soreness if u dont mind me asking


  • 19

    My girlfriend has done the injections for me in my butt. Problem is that the area becomes a silver dollar sized black sore – it doesn’t hurt but she hates it and is da*n worried. Should I be concerned?



    Gary. I used it for a while. The first couple shots are rough, like after a charlie horse, but after a month, I got used to a little tenderness, but then it was just like everything else.


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