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Tetra Pump by the Protein Factory is a pre-workout shake that combines four ingredients to optimize muscle growth and vasodilation. Nitrate levels are also supposed to increase when taking this supplement, which means Tetra Pump could be called an NO2 booster but bodybuilders. None of the ingredients listed in the Tetra Pump supplement are used for weight loss. These ingredients are all focused on the muscle and not appetite suppression or metabolism, though increased muscle mass does have a positive impact on resting metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Dextrose, PeptoPro, CreaPure Creatine Monohydrate, Glycine Propionly-L-Carnitine.

Product Features

Tetra Pump contains creatine, which is common in weight loss supplements, but creatine is not the type of ingredient dieters want to consume. Creatine pulls water into the muscle to aid with muscle growth. This can cause water retention and swelling as well as total body bloating. If yo have ever seen a picture of a bodybuilder off season and then another on season the effects of creatine are clear. Off season the bodybuilder holds onto water and fluid and thus muscles are masked. On season diuretics are used to reduce water retention and define muscles. Creatine will not increase metabolism or reduce appetite.

Pepto-Pro is the protein source in Tetra Pump. Pepto-Pro is pre-digested so it can be utilized by the body faster than proteins that are taken in whole form. Pepto-Pro is a milk based protein so bodybuilders with a milk sensitivity should not take Tetra Pump.

The final ingredient Glycine Propionly-L-Carnitine (GPLC) has been tested in a fitness setting for effect on mean and peak performance. When taken as a single dose of 4.5 grams before a workout or as 1.5 grams a day for 28 days straight, there was an increase in mean performance and peak performance. Huge doses or long term use can cause a negative impact on muscle performance, as noted in the study. A total of 4 grams of GPLC are included in the supplement.

Tetra Pump is sold in powder form and should be mixed with water. One canister sells for $46.74 and contains 15 servings. The supplement should be taken once a day for five days and then the bodybuilder should wait two days before starting again. At this rate, one canister will last more than a month.

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  • Ingredients and information is available online.
  • GPLC could improve peak muscle performance.


  • No ingredients dedicated to weight loss.
  • More expensive compared to other protein powders.


The Tetra Pump supplement has creatine and a performance enhancing ingredient for improved weight lifting workouts. The official website and supplement are clearly aimed at people wishing to gain more muscle without regard for weight loss – according to the supplement ingredients. Dieters money would be better spent on a proven weight loss supplement with trusted ingredients.

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