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What You Should Know

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Tetrazene Extreme, created by Bioquest, is a supplement that is not currently being manufactured but is still available for sale online. There is no official website for Bioquest and that could mean the company has ceased production on all supplements. Tetrazene Extreme is one supplement in a long line of supplements with the Tetrazene name. This particular blend claims to be highly effective at burning fat. In our experience, the title “Extreme” means stimulants and more stimulants.

List of Ingredients

ThermoZene Proprietary Blend 1332 mg: Slimaluma, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Mucuna Pruriens, Razberi-K Raspberry, Oolong Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract, Vinpocetine and Huperzine .

Product Features

Tetrazene Extreme ingredients are different from other products in the line, but the manufacturer still chose to place all ingredients in a proprietary blend. Total mg is 1332, but how much of that covers each ingredient we have no idea and neither does the dieter.

The first ingredient, Slimaluma is actually a creation of Gencor Pacific. Many weight loss supplements choose this ingredient to suppress appetite. Clinical study references on the Gencor Pacific website include only a small number of participants and weight loss was minimal at best.

The ever present green tea extract is the best ingredient in Tetrazene Extreme. Nearly every viable weight loss supplement will include green tea because it has pages of clinical trials to back up its effect on weight loss. Without an official website however, the Bioquest company cannot use these studies to support Tetrazene Extreme.

Caffeine follows green tea and we like caffeine, but only if we know how much a manufacturer is pounding into one serving size. Again, no official website, no idea. Mucuna Pruriens is an herbal anti-depressant. Some diet pills included these ingredients to boost mood, but dieters with mental illness or depression can be seriously affected by these herbal anti-depressants.

Razberi-K Raspberry is a “fat-blocker” that uses a special ketone found only in raspberries to surround fat and prevent the body from breaking it down. This appears to be similar to the way Alli works in the body and could cause gastrointestinal issues. The remaining ingredients are either a stimulant or mood altering herb. The only source of Tetrazene Extreme we could find sells a short-dated product for $24.95, Buy one Get one Free.

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  • Several good ingredients like green tea and caffeine may help boost weight loss.
  • The supplement is inexpensive.


  • Bioquest could be out of business.
  • There seems to be only short-dated product available.
  • Many of the ingredients in Tetrazene Extreme are mood altering.


Mood altering ingredients are not safe for everyone and should carry a warning on all weight loss supplements. Tetrazene Extreme is not extreme at all, unless you want an herbal anti-depressant with a few stimulants thrown in for good measure.

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