Tetrazene KGM-90 Review

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Tetrazene KGM-90 is a Glucomannan supplement that markets as a fat burner. There are no fibers in the world that increase fat burning, but they may decrease appetite. The trouble with Glucomannan products is a clear lack of support. There are clinical trials noting small weight loss while taking Glucomannan supplements, usually as straight fiber, but the average weight loss over several months is less than a dieter could lose by simply cutting out white starches and replacing them with high-fiber alternatives.

List of Ingredients

Glucomannan and Olive Leaf Extract.

Product Features

Why do so many weight loss companies choose Glucomannan as the primary fiber appetite suppressant? This could be because there is clinical research supporting the use of fiber to reduce hunger. The trouble is, these studies result in small amounts of weight loss over time and the supplements cost a fortune when fiber is actually a cheap addition to any meal. Glucomannan is not more effective than traditional fiber like Metamucil, but dieters tend to pay 10 times the cost or more per serving.

The only other ingredient in Tetrazene KGM-90 is olive leaf extract. We like this ingredient as a strong anti-oxidant as everyone needs help fighting off the effects of free radicals, especially people losing weight. Free radicals are released into the body when fat cells shrink, so olive leaf extract protects healthy cells and stop free radicals from damaging the body.

Tetrazene KGM-90 sells for $29.99, but we could not find an official website for the manufacturer Bioquest. This could mean the supplies being sold online are old or short-dated, so dieters need to ask questions about expiration dates before ordering. $29.99 is a lot to pay for a fiber-based supplement when fiber naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables.

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  • Glucomannan is a good source of fiber.
  • Most dieters need more fiber in their diet.
  • Olive leaf extract is an effective anti-oxidant.
  • Olive leaf extract is twice as strong as green tea and 400 times as strong as vitamin C (as an anti-oxidant).


  • Bioquest does not have an official website.
  • The cost, while low, could mean the product is no longer being manufactured.


Experts note that most people get only a fraction of their daily fiber requirements. This could be the hidden link to stopping obesity and overeating. We are always in support of healthy weight loss alternatives and fiber is a safe alternative to stimulant heavy diet pills, but not everyone lacks fiber in their diet. If a dieter wants to optimize the effects of fiber, they should choose a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant. This can only increase the chance of meeting weight loss goals.

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