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What You Should Know

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Some of the diet pills you search for online may no longer be available. This is simply the nature of the industry. While new weight loss supplements continue to be released, others are discontinued or pulled from the market. Some stick around on eBay for a while, but the prices tend to be very steep. We are going to elaborate on TFuel Hardcore, which is a diet pill that sells for around $50 per bottle. At least it did at one time.


    Not available.

Product Features

Like many other diet pills on the market today, TFuel Hardcore is claimed to suppress your appetite, give you a surge of energy, and burn off unwanted body fat. There is no mention of a fitness regimen or low-calorie eating plan with this weight loss formula. Furthermore, there are no customer success stories found that support this diet pill. At the time of this review, there was no official website found for TFuel Hardcore. In fact, this product does not appear to be available on any websites, including eBay.

There are no ingredients whatsoever mentioned for TFuel Hardcore capsules. Therefore we do not know what is actually used in this diet pill. While we do know what TFuel Hardcore is supposed to do, there are various ingredients used to accomplish fat burning, appetite suppression, and increased energy levels. So, it is impossible to guess what is used in this supplement. It could contain anything from Caffeine Anhydrous, to Hoodia Gordonii, to Ephedra, to Synephrine, to Green Tea Extract, to Guarana, to Yerba Mate, and many more. One thing is for certain; you should never take a supplement if you are uncertain of the ingredients it contains.

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  • No prescription is needed to purchase TFuel Hardcore capsules.


  • There is no official website found for this weight loss supplement.
  • It looks like TFuel Hardcore capsules are no longer available through online stores.
  • The ingredients used in this diet pill are not disclosed.
  • This product may lead to serious side effects.
  • There is no satisfaction guarantee with this weight reduction supplement.


In the end, we cannot recommend TFuel Hardcore for weight loss. There is no information provided on this diet pill any longer. In other words, it has likely been discontinued for some reason or another. It could be due to dangerous ingredients and/or serious side effects. It seems that TFuel Hardcore is not even available on eBay at this point. Luckily, there are countless other weight loss products and diet programs out there to select from. Take your time and find a weight loss solution that truly suits you and helps you achieve long-term results.

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