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This is a specialized workout program and a form of circuit training. The training regimen consists of a series of slow lifts and contractions, which targets specific core muscle groups in the body’s mid section. This helps to build strength in the core of the body, helping to increase metabolic rate by toning these muscles. These are areas that most exercisers miss when they focus only on crunches and oblique targeting exercises. This program claims that sticking to a simple 20 minute workout, performed twice a week (consisting of different routines in three circuits which make up twelve targeted movements) will help to lose weight and become lean and fit.

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The diet claims to ‘sculpt and tone one’s midsection’, help one ‘develop lean muscle tissue that naturally burns fat on its own’, ‘reduce your average workout time and achieve visible results faster’, ‘train your body to respond to slow lifting and contractions’ and ‘lose belly fat’. It aims to achieve these through a short exercise regimen that promises to deliver all the above mentioned results. Jorge Cruise is the author behind the book titled ‘The 12 Second Sequence’, making it one of the numerous exercise plans available on the market.

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  • The 12 Second Sequence packs a variety of core muscle exercises in one short routine which can aid in toning of core abdominal and thigh muscles.
  • The exercise routine is short and is required to be performed only twice a week.
  • Can result in an increased metabolic rate due to muscle toning, if coupled with a strict cardio workout and careful eating habits.


  • Unlikely to deliver it’s promised ‘substantial weight loss’.
  • The exercises in the program are not enough for a fully toned body, and other exercises have to augment this regimen to achieve the purpose.
  • The number of calories burned by the prescribed workout alone is very little – not enough to burn fat and reduce weight significantly.


Although the combination of various work outs in this exercise routine work well to target various muscle groups in the body, these abdominal exercises are not enough to burn so much extra energy that weight loss results in any substantial amount, as promised by the author of the book. Those individuals wishing to pursue true weight loss that shows need to stick to this exercise plan for more than three months to see any visible differences. Even persevering for that long, it is essential that the exercise plan be coupled with a healthy diet and regular cardio and weight training for the added lean muscle mass that this ’12 second’ exercise sequence promises.

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