The 7 Principles Of Fat Burning Review

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The ‘7 Principles of Fat Burning’ is a weight loss strategy book, written by Eric Berg, DC. He is a chiropractor and nutritionist by profession, and he claims that his book unlocks the secret to fat reduction through a mechanism alternative to conventional health wisdom. His book is full of claims that debunk common myths about weight loss and how to go about it. Some of these ‘myths’ are that “fat on the body comes from eaten fat in response to perceived starvation”, and “simply exercising harder by itself will burn fat” In fact he points out that excessive exercise can actually do more damage than good by stressing the body and increasing weight problems in some people. The book basically looks at how hormones and a lack thereof control the gain and loss of body weight in individuals. It classifies people into four basic ‘shapes’ based on hormonal balances, and claims that this alone affects the distribution of fat in one’s body. The book also covers aspects of how to maintain a balanced diet, stay away from unwanted hormones that are usually in taken through food and a regular exercise schedule that synergizes the body’s own fat burning system.

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This book offers readers ‘tailor-made’ plans for their respective body types. The book claims that these diet plans will activate the users’ fat burning hormones. This book surmises that the real reason why people cannot keep weight off and continue to struggle with weight gain problems is their ‘glandular weaknesses.’ The book helps users identify their body type, and identify their weaknesses, and then help users build diet plans that will aid them in achieving stable and healthy weight loss.

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  • The book contains a variety of recipes, exercise guides and eating plans.
  • It offers an alternative to conventional ways of losing weight and has seen some success, as warranted by customer testimonials and reviews.


  • The book does not appear to be very well organized.
  • This book appears to go against conventional wisdom, which is that fat can only be burned through exercise and any modifications to one’s hormonal balance can prove adverse.
  • The side effects of a long term diet plan based on these principles are not known.


The ‘Fat Burning’ diet appears to stem from an alternate science on losing weight, and only upon reading the entire book can one determine if the arguments presented in it for hormonal adjustments leading to weight loss are believable or not. Those who are cautious about unknown diet plans or ‘fad’ diets may be wise to keep away from this diet plan, as it claims to work through an alternate system.

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