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With the obesity epidemic spreading all over the world, the range of diet products, such as books and food items, is on the rise. One of such books is “The 7 Secrets of Slim People”. The book claims that it can provide a permanent solution for excess weight. It even goes on to say that readers won’t need to diet nor suffer from weights swings once they discover the seven secrets mentioned in the book. The publisher and the author of “The 7 Secrets of Slim People” recommend it to those who have issues with their weight, food intake and body image. Plus, readers are promised more time and energy once these problems are tackled once and for all.

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The 7 Secrets of Slim People is written by Vikki Hansen and Shawn Goodman. Vikki herself had been fighting with her own weight problems, so the book is her own reflection on the different diets she had tried and failed to maintain. The 7 Secrets of Slim People offers readers a look into the lifestyles of slim people in order to help them overcome whatever weight problems they have. It contains different strategies which deal with obesity without having to resort to radical diets. This is because depriving yourself from food will often cause the opposite reaction, craving foods so badly that you actually end up putting on weight through bingeing . So, instead, the authors suggest that readers follow a list of tips, which include eating smaller meals six times a day and exercising for 14 minutes only.

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  • The 7 Secrets of Slim People offers different meal plans for readers.
  • The book provides proof to support its claims that dieting will only make you fatter.
  • Reviewers state that the book is easy to read thanks to its good organization.
  • If effective, The 7 Secrets of Slim People can help individuals normalize their eating habits and build up metabolism.


  • Some of the suggestions mentioned in The 7 Secrets of Slim People may not work for everyone. For example, the book states that an individual should stop eating when full. However, some foods are so tempting that even a second helping won’t be sufficient.
  • The time the book recommends for exercise, i.e. 14 minutes, contradicts the general agreement that 40 minutes of aerobic exercises are necessary for a healthy body.
  • The information is brief and hardly elaborated at times.
  • Some reviewers state that the book is too simplistic in comparison with other weight loss motivating books.


Overall, The 7 Secrets of Slim People contains very useful information. However, it may not be enough for those who want more detailed information for losing weight. In addition, some points, such as the exercise one mentioned earlier, conflict with the age old beliefs of physicians. Plus, while emphasizing on the need for a strong will power to cut down weight, the book does not do much to build up a reader’s will.

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