The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution A Drug-Free 30 Day Plan Review

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The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution is a different type of diet targeted towards those with A.D.D. This plan focuses on helping individuals with A.D.D. without the use of drugs. While many treatment methods use drugs, some individuals feel uncomfortable with this option. With the A.D.D. Nutrition Solution, natural ingredients and techniques are used, in order to bring relief to individuals with A.D.D. While many other plans only use drugs, this plan hopes to be more effective while also being a better fit for the entire body. This book is a 30 day plan that can offer healing results to a wide variety of A.D.D. patients.

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This book offers a detailed 30 day nutrition plan in order to help A.D.D. patients deal with their everyday lives. The book discusses the many helpful nutrients and natural ingredients that help to benefit the body and produce lasting results. It also explains how certain nutrients and dietary items work to change how the brain functions. Readers will not only learn detailed steps on how to make healthy improvements to their lifestyle, they will also learn which foods and ingredients to avoid. This makes it possible for A.D.D patients to learn how to better treat their body in order to minimize the symptoms associated with the disorder.

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  • The book’s information is backed up by detailed studies and findings.
  • The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution offers a complete nutritional plan so that individuals can include a number of natural ingredients in their diet.
  • The plan can not only improve symptoms associated with A.D.D, but can also allow an individual to feel healthier and more comfortable on a daily basis.


  • There are no guarantees that this diet alone will improve an individual’s A.D.D. symptoms.
  • It can be expensive to purchase all of the ingredients that are recommended for the plan.
  • It may take more than 30 days to see the desired results.
  • Results may vary based on each individual’s situation.
  • This diet is not directly targeted toward weight loss.


For anyone who is looking to avoid drug therapy when dealing with A.D.D. symptoms, The A.D.D. Nutrition Solution can be a great alternative. The book focuses on providing a complete plan that will allow an individual to eat nutritiously and naturally, while also working to make improvements in his or her life. This plan may be effective in eliminating some of the symptoms that go along with A.D.D. and can also help to improve an individual’s everyday life with the use of natural ingredients. This diet is not designed for weight loss, and should not be used for such.

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