The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Review

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Everyone wants to lose weight quickly and without too much effort. That is why many books advertise the concept of fast weight loss. One of these books is The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal. The book is written based on the personal experiences of Pastor Deborah Duke. The book claims that readers can lose at least 20 pounds in just 30 days. The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal’s author claims that her book is for those who have been struggling with their weight for a while, and are sick and tired of their weight fluctuating. Duke also indicates that her book is for those who are serious about losing weight, and have the determination needed to shed it quickly.

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Like most weight loss books in the market, The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal offers a healthy diet plan for those who are interested in cutting down their weight. Deborah Duke has already tried out this diet. On the cover, pictures of Duke before and after the diet claim to be solid proof of the effectiveness of the diet. Aside from helping readers cut down on their weight, readers can track their own progress with the help of the journal. Besides, those ordering the book from her website, which she shares with her husband Pastor Lyle Duke, will get the ‘Power’ Workout DVD. This way, dieters can also enjoy the benefits of a good exercise routine. Plus, in The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal, Duke mentions that walking and at least an hour of exercise should be practiced six days a week. Not only will this reduce weight, but it will also build the dieter’s lean muscle.

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  • The whole package can be purchased online from Duke’s website for less than $20.
  • The cover of The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal has pictures which attempt to authenticate the diet plan.
  • The book provides tips which have been proven effective over time, such as walking and exercising.


  • The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal doesn’t offer anything new.
  • Duke’s website hardly offers any information on The Accelerated Weight Loss Diet Plan and Journal nor its contents, so you must wait to receive it in order to learn what you have purchased.
  • Doctors of all kinds agree that excess weight loss is a short period of time can be harmful, so care must be taken when undertaking this diet.


Those who have already been through different self-help weight loss books will probably not find any new information here. All the book does is stress the importance of balanced, healthy meals and exercise in order to lose weight. In fact, the book seems to be more like Deborah Duke’s own recollection of how she lost weight rather than an account of how to lose weight. However, the journal may prove useful to keep track of weight loss efforts.

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