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Many people have been abusing their body with the different fast foods they have been consuming for many years. In particular acidic foods and drinks, which make up the majority of fast foods, can do enormous damage to the body. Along with the lack of exercise and stress, the whole formula can result in serious health issues. However, this can be reversed by trying to increase the alkaline ratio in the body. Based on a wide range of research, the theory is that the human body is designed to stay alkaline. Thus cells and the blood have a pH of 7.365. With the consumption of acidic foods, the body starts pushing itself to create enough buffers to manage the alkaline level in the body. So, the Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula helps on promoting a healthier body by controlling the consumption of acid and increasing that of alkaline.

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With extensive research aiding him, Dr. Young claims that maintaining the balance of alkaline in the body is important to prevent different diseases such those caused by molds and yeasts. The balance can be made through consuming 70-80% alkaline foods (including lemon, peas and spinach) along with 3-4 liters of clean, filtered water. The Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula recommends that acidic foods be limited to just 20-30% of food intake.Some of the suggested ways to reduce the intake of acids is by reducing the amount of over the counter medication, eating raw organic vegetables, and the controlled consumption of vitamin C. The Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula is said to help individuals overcome the problems they encounter when stress is combined with high acidity. Aside from the diet itself, there are numerous acid-alkaline supplements out there. However, a diet has fewer risks in comparison with supplements, so seems preferable to a range of artificial supplements.

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  • The Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula is claimed to be effective as it matches the requirements of the human body.
  • With the decrease in the consumption of acidic foods such as Cola and cookies, you will be able to lose weight.
  • With the increased consumption of alkaline foods, you will have a healthier body.


  • Information regarding the Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula takes time to be unearthed as most websites are publicizing supplements rather than a diet.
  • The need for certain lifestyle factors such as exercise isn’t mentioned.
  • There may be a need for the consumption of supplements in order to ensure the complete health of the body.


The Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula can be categorized as a raw food diet as it emphasizes on the need for raw foods to ensure the high levels of alkaline. As interesting as the Acid-Alkaline Diet Formula may seem, the reader will have to put a lot of effort into finding what it is and how to implement it. However, like all diets, the body will suffer from withdrawal symptoms and will require a good amount of will power to overcome them. For those who can’t bear the strictness of this diet, other less severe diets are recommended.

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