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The Alternative Day Diet, also called the UpDayDownDay Diet by Dr. James Johnson involves a rotation of up days where dieters can eat whatever they like as long as they don’t overeat and down days when calories are restricted to no more than 500 for the entire day. This rotation is supposed to turn on the SIRT1 gene. The SIRT1 gene, affectionately referred to as the “skinny gene” is supposed to protect cells and repair free radical damage when food intake is minimalized. The rotation lasts two weeks.

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Rotation diet consisting of very low calorie days rotated with higher calorie days.

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Dr. Johnson does a great job of explaining why the Alternative Day Diet works to increase weight loss. Whether that information is supported with clinical studies is another thing all together. On the Science page of the official website, there is a reference to a lab rat study that compared calorie restriction, free eating and alternative day diets and the effect on mice. According to Dr. Johnson, the study proved The Alternative Day Diet improved health, but did not increase weight loss. This seems like an inappropriate study to list when marketing a weight loss program.

After the initial two weeks are complete, dieters can choose to up the calories on restriction days to 35% or more depending on their personal weight loss goals. There is no information on the website about how dieters should learn to control overeating habits on the up days. Without learning control, dieters will not see any weight loss benefits for restricting calories on the down days. There is also no end to this diet as followers are supposed to continue restriction days for life to maintain weight loss. At most, a dieter should consume 50% of acceptable calories on down days.

According to Dr. Johnson, down days (500 calories) represent 20% of up day caloric totals. That would mean the dieter is consuming 2500 calories on up days. Mathematically, that averages out to 1700 calories a day for weight loss. That number is a bit higher than the accepted 1200 to 1500 calories a day most diets support.

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  • Overall calorie restriction works to increase weight loss.
  • The diet is explained in detail online.


  • There is no sense in buying the book when all information on the diet is published online.
  • Severe calorie restriction can cause a slowing of the metabolism.


The Alternative Day Diet seems to be another fad diet that works by reducing calorie intake over the course of a week by severely restriction every other day. Even the average daily intake of 1700 calories, based on the down days being 20% of total calories on up days, is more than many diets suggest for weight loss.

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