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One of the recent diet plans to become available is Dr Mauro Di Pasquale’s Anabolic Diet. Although developed as a response to drug use, the Anabolic Diet soon became used by muscle builders and those interested in losing weight. Basically the anabolic diet is a low carb diet that claims quick results. Plus, it promises body builders that they won’t lose any of their muscle in the process. This is done by encouraging dieters to follow certain steps that will make their bodies burn fat rather than carbs. Thus, Dr Mauro Di Pasquale suggests his diet to those who tolerate low carb diets well. Dr Di Pasquale was once a world champion power lifter who set records in five different weight classes. He has also been known for heading several bodybuilding, powerlifting and athletic organizations.

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The Anabolic Diet focuses on controlling muscle building hormones through the food consumed. Many sites warn that the Anabolic Diet is hard to follow, but works when combined with strength training. According to Dr Di Pasquale, the diet will maximize the production of testosterone, insulin and growth hormone, all of which are needed for larger muscles. In addition, the diet will lower the catabolic activity and mood swings while increasing strength, endurance and energy levels. The Anabolic Diet indicates that the right foods should be eaten at the right time. Thus on weekdays, dieters are suggested to consume proteins, fats and vegetables, whereas their weekends should be dedicated completely to eating lots of carbohydrates instead. However, before going through with the Anabolic Diet, it is recommended that dieters determine their calorie needs, spend 12 days without any carbs, and consume 40% protein and 60% fat on weekdays as well as 15% protein, 25% fat and 60% carbs on weekends.

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  • If true, this diet will result in larger muscle mass, which is a good thing for muscle builders.
  • Weight loss is inevitable during the 12 days of no carbs, as the body will burn off the existing fat for energy.
  • Based on the aforementioned point, energy levels will decrease to begin with.
  • General health will improve thanks to lower cholesterol levels, less plaque buildup and much more.


  • The diet is for those interested in building muscle only. Other people won’t be able to benefit much from the Anabolic Diet.
  • The Anabolic Diet is complicated and requires proper maintenance for good results. It will also require extreme discipline to stick to the food regime.
  • The Anabolic Diet is best for those who already have experimented and successfully gone through low carb diets.


The Anabolic Diet is one of the surefire ways of losing weight. However it isn’t the right diet for those who play high intensity sports such as football or soccer. In addition, it isn’t the proper diet for females because of its influence on testosterone, nor is its first-time-user friendly. You can always try other options if you aren’t a body builder, because the Anabolic Diet is purely designed for them.

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  • 1

    Awesome Diet! More so, a lifestyle. Works for general health and lean muscle gain. Should be your TOP choice. Pasquale is the man. Of course others besides ‘muscle builders’ will benefit! One should exercise with any diet to stay healthy anyway.



    This can benefit everyone, females are not going to shoot out testosterone and look like the “Hulk”. Some Fat chump in a labcoat probably assumed that. people who have higher energy requirements can carb load more times a week which is mentioned in the book.


  • 2

    Many people say that anabolic diet is the best way to gain muscle natural way. do you agree?



    purely low carb diets also work less efficiently because of the lack of insulin. also the carb loading days help to stick with the diet.