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Estrogen is one of the natural hormones in women’s bodies. Although it is basically used to reverse the effects of some problems in women, estrogen has the ability to stimulate growth and reduce bowel motility. Estrogenic products are food and chemicals which produce the same effects as this hormone. Ori Hofmekler, the author of the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, claims that estrogenic food is causing a significant proportion of the obesity that is rampaging through our society. Estrogen helps in increasing weight, thus consuming foods which simulate its effects adds to the weight of men and women alike. Hofmekler goes on to say that ailments such as impotency, PMS and many similar problems are also caused by the effects of estrogenic foods. Thus his diet, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet, is designed to help people choose organic foods that will save them from the effects of estrogen.

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The Anti-Estrogenic Diet claims to be a hormonal balancing diet which counters the extra estrogenic substances in the body. The diet is designed to allow dieters to consume foods which are healthy and appealing to the palate. However, the main purpose of these dishes is to balance estrogen in the body and control its metabolism to generate compounds which benefit the body rather than harm it. Through this methodology, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet claims to achieves its purpose, allowing stubborn fats to be dissolved, including obstinate belly fat. Based on Hofmekler’s book, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet consists of three phases. The first phase is Detox. Here the liver and the kidneys are given a break from synthesizing chemicals. This is done by allowing the dieter to only consume herbs and nutritional foods for two weeks, an act which will detoxify the liver and help it function better after that period of time had passed. Next is the fun part – the high-fat stage, where high-calories foods are consumed to revitalize the hormone system and create sex hormones instead of harmful compounds. Finally, in the last phase, balanced food is again reintroduced. However, the dieter must check which food items will agree with his or her new system.

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  • The website offering the Anti-Estrogenic Diet book contains different success stories and before and after pictures.
  • Many credited sources such as Dr Daniel Kuhn and Dr. Scott Treadway are claimed to support Hofmekler’s concepts.
  • The Anti-Estrogenic Diet helps promote the consumption of organic foods rather than synthetic or processed foods which are enriched with estrogenic chemicals.


  • The website doesn’t only promote the book, but also a few estrogen balancing products on the side. Thus, rather than being informative, the site seems fairly marketing oriented.
  • There is no proof of the effects of estrogenic foods mentioned in the book.
  • Besides controlling the type of food consumed, the Anti-Estrogenic Diet doesn’t offer any lifestyle changes, despite the fact that the author mentioned that estrogenic chemicals are found in more than just the food people consumed.


The Anti-Estrogenic Diet still needs to provide solid evidence of its true effectiveness, something which is still not apparent despite all the success stories. However, this is definitely a diet which is worth trying by those interested in a healthy lifestyle for its new approach to weight loss.

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    This diet is a very healthy way to loose weight i had much success at 1 pound per day and learned what foods my body looses weight on ,gains weight on and maintains weight on. The only thing is i have a hard time finding organic foods as i am in a very small town. I highly recommend it.