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Arthritis is a chronic disease which is spreading among individuals of different ages. There are two types of this disease: Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis. The first type occurs with age and excess weight, whereas the other is an inflammatory condition which causes the joints to swell and ache. The latest research links arthritis to a high-fat diet. Thus, the Arthritis Diet was developed to control the disease through better nutrition. The results can be significant relief from arthritis for affected people as well as weight loss and a healthier body overall.

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The Arthritis Diet claims to help reduce the pain arthritis sufferers feel. This diet has been developed after observing those suffering from this disease, and recording which foods reduced the symptoms of arthritis and which increased the burning sensation patients felt in their joints. The main discovery scientists made was that vegetables were one of the best foods for arthritis sufferers. Therefore, the Arthritis Diet is considered a pure vegetarian diet. The intake of meat is reduced or completely avoided in this diet. Foods which are high in fats and cholesterol are also on the no list. In addition, other food items on that list include refined wheat, wheat products, corn, tomatoes, bell pepper, eggplant and sugar and salt-containing foods. As for the food allowed, those containing polyunsaturated fatty acids such as fish, salmon, walnuts and soybeans are highly recommended in this diet. For those who prefer cooked vegetables rather than raw ones, soups, juices and herbal teas made from fresh herbs and vegetables are offered as the best solution. However, dieters should always check which of these actually provide them relief, because everyone’s needs are different.

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  • The Arthritis Diet isn’t so strict, so could be effective as a first-time diet.
  • Some websites claim that the Arthritis Diet is helpful in preventing arthritis by reducing the weight of the individual following it.
  • In spite of the doubts regarding the Arthritis Diet’s efficiency in controlling arthritis, the foods recommended are healthy, thus should provide user with benefits aside from the diet.


  • There isn’t a specific website dedicated to explaining the Arthritis Diet, thus those interested in this diet need to search the internet extensively.
  • There is no guarantee of whether this diet will work because different people may be aggravated by different foods.
  • Supplements to cover the lack of protein will be necessary.


A helpful tip for those interested in the Arthritis Diet is to try and record which vegetables and fruits can reduce the inflammation in the joints of the dieter. However, it is always a good idea to have a physician take a look at the foods first. This way users would know whether they are on the right track. The Arthritis Diet can be a good solution to conquer arthritis once and for all. However, with the lack of evidence of its effectiveness, dieters are advised to exercise caution when trying this diet.

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    I am aged 74. Suffering from arthritis since long. Recently, I am experiencing serious type of attack. Do you have any suggestions regarding dietary and therapeutic measures?


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    what food are ok


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    My friend is having rumating arthrites and she is aging about 24-25 years. Is there any remedy for rumating arthrites. Whether any diet plan will benefit in reducing the pain?