The Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Review

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The Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan is a program from a self-proclaimed health expert in Australia. The program is digital, so dieters pay either $49.50 AUD or $45.00 US for instructions on how to eat clean to lose weight. There is a Facebook page for the eating plan and the bikini challenge started by Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan. The clean eating program has more than 40,000 followers, but the bikini challenge appears to be more popular with a whopping 530,000 follower and growing.

There is an affiliate program for Ashy Bines Clean Eating Program, so you will find third-party websites with tons of before and after pictures, testimonials and supportive information on the power of clean eating. These sites get paid every time a new dieter purchases the plan through the affiliate link and the information on the website may or may not be true.

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  • Clean eating diet plan by Australian diet expert.

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The Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan is not really a diet plan at all. According to the FAQs section, you are paying Ashy Bines for access to the forum where you can download her instructions for clean eating. The program is high protein, low sugar, low bad carbohydrates. There are sample weight loss menus, sample maintenance menus and recipes, but no exercise plan. You only have to pay the fee one time to gain access to the forum for the life of the program. The 24/7 support mentioned on the website describes the dieting forum, but you can contact the people behind the program using the Contact Us page.

Ashy Bines is a swimsuit sensation, but she is not a medical professional. As far as we can tell, Ms. Bines has no formal training in nutrition at all. There are horrible reviews of the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan all over the Internet, many dieters claiming the only information they received from the program was a series of emails. Bines has also be attacked for having plastic surgery to modify her breasts when she claims her diet program can give you a body like hers.

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  • Some nutritional advice provided by the Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan is sound.
  • Lowering intake of sugar and bad carbohydrates may spark weight loss.


  • Ashy Bines has no formal nutrition training or education.
  • The 24/7 support is actually the forum.
  • Dieters complain the plan is a fake.


If you want to practice clean eating to lose weight choose a trusted program created by an educated professional. The Ashy Bines Clean Eating Diet Plan is nothing more than a million-dollar diet program designed by a young adult in a swimsuit. Any thin, pretty girl could create a similar program and sell millions of copies with the right business management.

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