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The Bean is promoted as being a unique tool that may help you to perform some types of workouts that you may not normally be able to do. In this review we will go over some of the provided information so that we may determine if this product actually has the ability to be an effective weight loss tool.


While of course there will be no actual ingredients to be listed being that this is not an actual diet, there are a couple of things that are believed to be a necessity in order to achieve the intended results while using this product. One of them is the Bean itself. This is the tool, or equipment rather, that you are recommended to use while performing the exercises. It also comes with an instructional DVD that is intended to give you step by step instructions on what exercises to do and how to do them while using the Bean as the operative tool.

Product Features

It appears as though the Bean was designed with the intention of being a versatile tool that may be able to assist with a wide range of certain types of exercises. It is said that one of the advantages of this product may be that it focuses on more than just your abs like other typical products do, but it is also intended to help you develop your lower body and back as well. It has been noted that the Bean was designed with all types of people in mind, meaning that everyone can use it even if you are not an avid fitness guru. It appears as though this product may actually be recommended by doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors.

It is said that this product has the ability to give your entire middle body area a complete workout. The website states that the lower and upper abdomen, along with the obliques as well. There are claims that have been made that suggests that The Bean has been shown to provide the owner of the Bean with 55% to 72% better results that when exercising alone or with any other product that is available today. It was listed on the website that there is a secret to The Bean’s exercise method that may be the reason for it’s effectiveness. This secretly is apparently related to the observation that was made that it will allow you to perform 3 different types of exercise, but with only using one motion. Apparently this secret is all in the way that the Bean rocks while you are exercising. It is said that in one motion you can actually perform a crunch, pelvic tilt, and leg raise all in one motion.

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  • Comes with an instructional video.
  • 100% money back guarantee.


  • Negative consumer reviews were found.
  • The Bean may not hold air very well.


Although The Bean may actually produce some desired effects for becoming fit, it may not produce actual weight loss results. Not that it wouldn’t be able to, it is just that it is believed that if you want to achieved maximum weight and fat loss results with this product, you may want to look into a patented and proven product.

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    Susan Mintken

    I seem to have misplaced my exercise dvd for the bean. Do you know how I can get another one?


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    Reginald Nixon

    THE UEBD BAG HAS HOLES IN THE SEAMS WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE IN RETURNING IT? FOR A NEW BAG.I,ve it had for a while but I still use it .Please Help!


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    Reginald Nixon

    My bag has started getting holes around the seams, what can you do to replace it for a new one. Or what is your replacement procedure. Iuse it three/four times a week,please help Thank You