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Ultralab Nutrition was created in 1995 along with its subsidiary Beast Sports Nutrition. The company basically produces supplements that aim at helping those who dream of weight loss as well as body builders achieve their goals. Ultralab Nutrition claims that it uses the best raw material around to produce its supplements, which the company states are of high quality and within a reasonable price range.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients of The Beast Sports Nutrition supplements are available by clicking the “Supplement Facts” link on their website, and the active ingredients of the pills are mentioned on the same page of the product. For example, The Beast Sports Nutrition’s Predator supplements contain Beta-Alanine, Creatine MagnaPower, Vandium Citrate and other ingredients which are supplied through Rapid Release Technology. The website goes on to describe how each of these ingredients contributes in achieving the goal of the supplements. For example, Predator’s Beta-Alanine helps increase mass, density, muscle endurance, energy and performance. Meanwhile, Creatine MagnaPower boosts absorption, and Vanadium Citrate maximizes amino acid transport and glucose utilization.

Product Features

The range of supplements provided by The Beast Sports Nutrition is dedicated to helping body builders increase their muscle mass and stamina. Predator is claimed to provide the consumer with extra muscle mass, immediate strength, better endurance and more focus. Another supplement is Super Test, which The Beast Sports Nutrition boasts can produce large amounts of testosterone, enhance muscle mass and protect the liver and kidneys. The CREATure is The Beast Sports Nutrition’s most popular supplement. It is claimed to stimulate lean muscle mass, enhance endurance and recovery and improve ATP synthesis. BCAA’s is also a supplement which can be used by body builders to stimulate new muscle and maximize protein synthesis. Aside from these supplements, The Beast Sports Nutrition created the Beast Anabolic Activator which works on supporting muscle mass and endurance. For those interested in weight loss, 2Shredded and AmphetaLean Extreme are the supplements provided by The Beast Sports Nutrition. The website promotes 2Shredded to be a body fat reduction supplement as well as a good solution for preventing water retention and food cravings. As for the other fat burning supplement, i.e. the AmphetaLean Extreme, this promises maximum appetite suppression, improved mental clarity and thermogenic fat burning.

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  • The price range of the products offered by The Beast Sports Nutrition is less than $100 each.
  • The ingredients are mentioned on the website, thus those interested in purchasing The Beast Sports Nutrition’s supplements can do their research.
  • The website is easy to use and all the needed information is available on every page.


  • None of The Beast Sports Nutrition’s supplements are FDA approved.
  • Side effects of the supplements aren’t mentioned, however there are a number of ingredients which could potentially have side effects.
  • There is no proof of what the supplements are capable of doing.
  • All the supplements mentioned on The Beast Sports Nutrition’s website seem to be designed for athletes and body building enthusiasts only.


The Beast Sports Nutrition supplements promise a lot of things for those interested in losing weight and building muscle mass. However, with the lack of proof and proper accreditation, users must practice caution when using these supplements. It is advisable to do some thorough research about the ingredients before undertaking a course in any of these supplements.

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    My son has FSGS (Kidney disease) can he still drink Beast Creature>