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The Beer Drinkers Diet is the blend of a narrative and a long-term weight loss program illustrated by author Bradley Scott Cailor. If some find it hard to follow strict diet plans, cannot bring themselves to believe in the “15 minute miracles”, cannot give up precious comfort food and simply are unable to work out for hours a day, the Beer Drinkers Diet is an interesting solution. Cailor’s book walks readers through his own tough struggle with weight problems and subtly explains how what he believes to be the best diet plan. Basically, this book tells you how to incorporate calorie control, working out and refrain from overeating in to a diet plan that suits your body’s specific needs and requirements. Cailor’s message basically is that if he can do it so can the reader. He aims to reach out to others like him who are looking for a relaxed, interesting and personalized diet plan. In the first half of the book readers are led through his journey from being an inexperienced weight lifter in college to becoming a two hundred and sixty six pound overweight man in his mid-thirties. He describes how he went from this all time low to being healthy and fit – without quitting his beer drinking habits.

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This book costs as little as four dollars can easily be purchased on the internet and has been designed specifically for “regular guys” who do want to address their weight issues but want to do that without giving up their beer. Readers will not necessarily find a cohesive, comprehensive and well put together diet plan in the literature, but they will come across “Tips and Tricks” and general advice on how to craft their own diet plan inclusive of healthy eating habits, controlling indulgent eating, daily caloric and protein intake regularity and working out. Unlike other diet plans which require strict refrain from comfort food or drink such as chocolate or beer, Cailor’s book recommends readers continue eating what they like but just in a controlled manner. Furthermore, he stresses upon the success of eating five or six smaller meals a day over having a couple or three large and heavy meals as well.

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  • The book can be purchased new and used (in good condition) on the internet easily.
  • It offers a flexible and easy to follow diet plan.
  • Allows you to lose weight without being too strict in relation with what the reader likes to eat.
  • Before and after photos of the writer himself have been included.


  • The title seems to be simply a marketing ploy as there is mention about beer in the book only peripherally.
  • There is not comprehensive, organized and cohesive day to day diet plan in the book, just general advice.
  • The book advises a high protein intake of 1 gram per 1 gram of body weight while the normal advised daily intake is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight. Higher intakes can be hazardous for people with low functioning livers.
  • Its theory on taking calories that need large quantities of energy to be metabolized indicate that you can burn more calories even after consuming large portions of some foods – this is a controversial position.


While the book may be helpful for some people it will not really help others much. The reason for this is that it only offers general advice and then leaves the readers to design a diet plan for themselves. Although Cailor is living proof of the fact that his tips actually work if followed carefully, it certainly may not be for everyone.

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