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The Biblical Diet is essentially an idea proposed, elaborated, described and promoted by many writers and motivational speakers, but an especially popular example of this type of diet plan is found in the book The Maker’s Diet written by Jordan S. Rubin. In this book readers will come across a complete and detailed explanation and illustration of what the biblical diet is, how they should follow it, what phases it has, what the logic behind it is and how Rubin himself came to believe in it. The diet is almost miraculous as Rubin describes it and credits it to have healed his body of the “incurable” Crohn’s disease at the age of nineteen. The publication includes complete details of what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat and why, which dietary supplements to couple the diet with and more. It is particularly useful if readers are somewhat spiritual, a logical thinker and wish to have a cohesive and comprehensive diet plan to follow.

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The Biblical Diet often referred to as the Maker’s diet, is a forty day regime which progresses in three distinct phases, each with different purposes and contents. Phase one stretches over two weeks and is aimed at detoxifying and cleansing the body to tune it for healthier eating habits. During this phase carbohydrates such as pastas, grains, sugar, potatoes, legumes and beans are taken in lower proportions to control blood glucose and insulin levels, reduce inflammation and infection in the body and more. The second phase is the shortest (three or four days long) and during this weight loss will continue while the energy level improves. The third and longest phase allows followers to consume carbohydrates and is aimed at disciplining diet habits. In addition to other things the book also dictates, often with quotes from the Bible, what foods God has chosen as healthy for us and which God has declared as unhealthy for our body. In allowed foods you will find items such as grains, seeds, legumes, fruits, nuts, herbs, cow, deer, fish, birds and some insects as well. It also explains how fat taken in large quantities is harmful for the body in the form of the toxins they release when metabolized.

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  • It includes a comprehensive list of top “biblical” foods and why they are significant.
  • Has a prescription for the forty day diet regime to lose weight and improve general health conditions.
  • Includes resources.
  • Has over one hundred recipes to help you include healthier food items in your diet.
  • Includes a website which gives extensive information about the diet and book.


  • The diet is strict and often difficult to follow especially in phase one.
  • Rubin’s degree in Naturopathic Medicine and his Ph.D have not been accredited and licensed.
  • Some scientific studies do not agree to the organic food approach.
  • The religious tone of the diet will put some people off.


While the Biblical Diet as described by Rubin may not be accepted wholeheartedly by skeptics, there is definitely some truth to it. It is an interpretation of what the author thinks God decided to be best for what was created by Him. The forty day program may be difficult to follow but the approach to foods make it possible to achieve the desired results.

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