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The Wii changed the fitness game by integrating workouts with video game fun. As soon as the gaming unit was released, designers started working on fitness games that allowed the dieter to track weight and progress while having a little fun burning calories. Some Wii fitness games offer fantastic interaction and a solid workout, while others are not so fantastic with difficult on screen exercises and poor game / user interaction. The Biggest Loser Challenge is one of the better Wii fitness games. The game brings the hit reality television show to the living room, allowing the dieter to take part in the challenge to lose more weight than other competitors.

List of Ingredients

Fitness game from the makers of the Biggest Loser television show.

Product Features

The first few moments on the Biggest Loser Challenge, the dieter fills out a personal profile. The profile asks age, weight, height and fitness level. Each contestant is given a score based on the information provided. Better scores are given to people of average weight and lower scores to people who are overweight. The name of the game is to improve that score with regular exercise and good nutritional choices.

The dieter then has some choices. They can workout without the controller in hand or on the Wii Balance Board for increased intensity. Beginners should always start with the lower intensity workout and gauge the effect on their body before trying workouts of higher intensity. Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels are there to encourage the dieter throughout the workouts.

A calendar displays fitness accomplishments and daily weigh-ins. Nutritional tips are also provided on the calendar. The Biggest Loser Challenge is one of the few Wii fitness games that address nutrition in addition to fitness.

While trainers are there to encourage, they will yell at the user if exercises are not performed well. This is a problem with the Wii system, because the game does not always pick up movements from the player. If the player is performing the fitness program well, there is still a chance they will hear a yell or two from Harper or Michaels.

The Biggest Loser Challenge sells for $27.99.

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  • Allows users to interact in a Biggest Loser Challenge for weight loss.
  • Priced comparable with other Wii workout games.


  • Movements are not always picked up by the Wii bar.
  • Trainers may yell at players for not working out hard enough.


Many dieters watch the Biggest Loser Challenge on television and want to be a part of the action. Many of the most addictive features of the television show, like the weigh-in, are recreated on the Wii game. The yelling from the trainers is also recreated.

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