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The Biggest Loser Club is an online weight loss program that is based on the hit reality TV show “The Biggest Loser.” While this weight reduction system does not involve medications or supplements, it does involve a change in lifestyle. Dieters can basically sign up at any time through the official website and obtain access to online weight loss tools. This weight reduction program is suited for both men and women. A free “diet profile” is offered on the home page of the official website for newcomers.

As opposed to many diet supplements, The Biggest Loser Club is a program that focuses primarily on eating healthy and exercising regularly to lose weight. The online program offers weight loss tools such as “customized fitness plans,” “daily meal plans and recipes,” “personal progress journals,” “newsletters,” “interaction with the cast members of the TV show” and “three free books” when you sign up. Before and after photos, as well as testimonials are offered on the official website. When you sign up, you essentially enter in your specific body information and proceed from there. An individual fitness regimen and diet is then provided to suit you. The Biggest Loser Club program does not appear to offer a money-back guarantee. However, a “ten-day trial period” is offered for those just getting started.

Product Features

The Biggest Loser Club is a weight loss system that is offered through a website. This program involves individuals changing their overall eating habits and adopting regular fitness regimens that are suited for them personally. Some of the key aspects of The Biggest Loser Club are online tools, which consist of a customized fitness plan, daily meal plans and recipes, a personal progress journal, newsletters, interaction with the cast members of the reality TV show and three free books. This weight loss program is marketed toward both men and women. The Biggest Loser Club does not incorporate diet medications or pills.

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  • The Biggest Loser Club is conveniently offered online, which may prove simple for some users.
  • The Biggest Loser Club encourages a healthy diet and regular exercise routines.
  • The Biggest Loser Club comes with a free “10 day trial period.”
  • Before and after pictures are provided on the official website.


  • There is really no substantial clinical evidence supporting The Biggest Loser Club weight loss program.
  • Some individuals may not be interested in the dramatic lifestyle changes that The Biggest Loser Club demands.
  • There are no supplements offered with The Biggest Loser Club that suppress hunger or burn fat/calories.
  • The website’s interactive tools may confuse some users.
  • Some dieters may prefer a simpler and more convenient supplement that helps reduce unwanted weight.
  • The Biggest Loser Club weight loss program is only online through the official website.


The Biggest Loser Club weight reduction system has gained some fame and recognition due to the reality show it’s based on. However, the notion of a weight loss program involving such drastic changes in one’s life may cause some individuals to look elsewhere. When all is said and done, there seem to be other weight loss plans that are quite similar to The Biggest Loser Club. For those who wish to merely take a daily supplement, this is not the most ideal program for you.

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5 User Reviews about The Biggest Loser Club

  • 1
    Rita Duryea

    I have watched this program for many episodes and am shocked at rhe conduct of some of the contestents. They
    are adult bullies and would not tolerate such actions in their families. Selfish, unkind,foolish, etc. Are they still in Hi School? Disgusting
    nothing like letting the world see what you are made of


  • 2

    Don’t bother. The website sucks and customer services in non-existent.


  • 3

    Hi my name is Enrique and i have watched the big loser for some time, but i have a better idea, since it’s been working out for adults in losing weight, why don’t you guys make a show for kids to lose weight to since the US has the biggest rate on obesity kids. hope to here some responces


  • 4
    Alexia Ashford

    If I was to go on this diet…what would be my plans for eating and exercising?


  • 5

    The biggest Loser Club is a sham. Spark people, which is free is more user friendly then BLC could ever dream of being. If you are going to pay for a site…this is not the one. It’s too hard to navigate.