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The Biggest Loser Food Journal is a big notebook designed to help you track your food intake. Tracking everything you put into your mouth for the day has been shown to greatly increase your chances of weight loss success, because it holds you more accountable. When you are held accountable for your food choices, you are much less likely to snack aimlessly. You can also track your exercise efforts, too. Take a look at this to see if the journal can help you.

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The Biggest Loser Food Journalwas written as a collaborative effort between several of the staff and cast members of the television show, who are experts on diet, nutrition, and fitness. The book allows you to set a daily calorie budget. You write down everything you eat, including all snacks and drinks. You also create and write down the workouts you actually do. Do not write down workouts you plan on doing, and don’t actually do, because this could counteract your progress and defeat the purpose. The journal also includes a variety of recipes complete with photos, to help you develop a healthy eating food plan. There are also exercises and photos to help you build an exercise routine. The main point of the journal is to hold you accountable for your diet and fitness activities and stress the importance of eating less calories than you burn through exercise to promote weight loss. You need to record what you eat, how much of it you eat, how you feel before and after you eat, and then watch for patterns. If you fall off the diet and feel bad, then you can see what you have done in the past that has made you feel better.

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  • The Biggest Loser Food Journal has everything you need to get started with weight loss, the healthy way.


  • The Biggest Loser Food Journal requires you to track everything. If you don’t have the self-discipline to track it all, it will not work as it should.
  • Since you are tracking everything, you could easily over or underestimate intake of food and calories burned through exercise.
  • People who do not enjoy or follow the show are less likely to enjoy this product.


The Biggest Loser Food Journal is the same way contestants of the television show track everything they eat and do. It worked for them while they were on the show, but they had several other reasons for sticking to it. People not on the show may not have the same motivations, and they certainly won’t have the trainers breathing down their necks to entice them to get it done. While tracking your food and exercise is a good thing to help you with weight loss, you can do it on your own with a variety of free or cheap online tools, or even with pen and paper.

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