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The Biggest Loser Workout is the innovation of expert personal physical fitness trainer, Bob Harper. This unique idea began as a reality TV show in which the producers brought together a group of individuals who were “losers” according to the norms of the society and these people were compelled to live together in the same house and lose weight. The workout can be thought of as a boot camp and also a long term workout that will help you lose weight and feel better about yourself. If you are one of those people who is intimidated by the atmosphere of the gym and is search of a comprehensive, detailed and directed workout program that will help you burn those extra pounds of fat fast, the Biggest Loser Workout is just the thing for you.

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The best thing about the Biggest Loser Workout is that it is available in different forms which means that you can get it on DVD and also in print. The DVD can be purchased for as low as ten dollars and is divided into different volumes for convenience. DVDs by Bob Harper and the rest of the cast and crew include the reality TV show home version, Cardio Max workout and the Boot Camp version. Basically the workout consists of five different stages which are meant to be followed in sequence each to get the best results. The first stage is a five minute warm up in which you are shown how to perform a few basic stretching moves to prepare your body’s muscles for the actual workout. After this you move on to the five minute low intensity cardio routine. This is an incorporation of some punching and kicking, a few jumping jacks and core strengthening moves for a beginner.

The high intensity cardio follows the low intensity cardio and this lasts for a total of twenty minutes. This is an incorporation of strong and quick moves coupled with punching, boxing and kicking and this is designed for people who have been part of the program for at least a month. Strength and sculpt follows next in which for twenty minutes you work out with hand weights and a mat to shape your muscles further. Boot camp is a mixture of cardio and sculpting done for twenty minutes and is ideal if you are in a hurry. An essential end to the workout is the twenty minute cool down where you stretch again to relax your muscles.

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  • Available on DVD and in print.
  • Inexpensive and easily available on the internet.
  • Comprehensive, detailed and elaborate workout details provided in the book and DVD.


  • It is very challenging and requires strict discipline to be followed correctly.
  • Since it is a demanding day to day routine, some people will find it difficult to follow and maintain.
  • The success of the show was mainly due to encouragement and the pushing of the contestants to achieve. That isn’t going to be present in the home version.


If you feel you are ready to finally lose those extra pounds that are keeping you down or holding you back and if you are serious about getting in to shape, this workout is definitely for you. While some might become demoralized by the word “loser” in the workout, most will be able to embrace the idea and go with it as it more believable and logical than the usual “miracle” diet regimes found on the internet.

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    wll there be a biggest losers and how can I get on it I would love to be one of your people to help
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