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The Body Code is written by Jay Cooper, a marathon runner, a triathlete and most impressive of all, a cancer survivor. Cooper has been cancer free for over nine years now and in this book explains illustratively and subtly how every person is different from one another genetically in their anatomical type, glandular metabolic type and energy type. According to the combination that your genetic code dictates you could either be a warrior, a nurturer, a communicator or a visionary. Each type of person has a specific type of diet and workout regime specifically suited to their body type. The book says, if you have been wondering why all those weight loss miracle pills and quick routines on the internet are not working for you it was not your fault. Your diet was simply not suited to your body type.

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It is known and attested to by many health experts that a single exercise and diet program cannot be suited to every individual. Everybody has a distinct body type which is determined by their genetic makeup. According to Cooper, your anatomical type could be ectomorpohic, endomorphic or mesophoric, your glandular metabolic type might be adrenal, thyroidal, gonadal or pituitary and your energy type may be pitta, kapha or vata. Mixtures of these types translate in to you being classified as a warrior, visionary, communicator or nurturer. Their website features a simple and easy to do quiz which helps you determine your body type after which you can read on to find out which type of exercise program and diet regime is perfectly suited to your type.

To keep things interesting you will also find in the book recipes for each body type so that you can follow the diet more efficiently. For as low as ten dollars, you can purchase a diet plan that is specifically designed to tone and sculpt your body exactly in the way you want it to be. While deciding your body type on the website there is also a picture code, cravings and other prompts to help you determine your type.

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  • You are offered a specific type of diet program and exercise regime according to your specific body type.
  • It offers a logical approach to losing weight in a healthy way.
  • The book gives recipes to follow the diet regime.


  • There appears to be no scientific basis for this theory.
  • The book is a little heavy on marketing. It appears to be as interested in selling the diets as educating readers.
  • The accompanying website is a bit amateurish, making visitors wonder about it’s true value.


If you are looking for a logical, balanced and well organized diet plan and exercise specifically according to your distinct body type, the Body Code is the perfect solution for you. While you might get a little confused while determining your body type, generally you will able to decide and start on the program perfectly designed for you.

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